The New Executive Plastic Business Cards

We are proud to announce the addition of our new product line, “The Executive Plastic Business Card”. We are so excited about this product because we know the type of positive impact these plastic business cards are going to have on the bottom line for our clients. This new product can be customized in a variety of ways and it takes plastic business card printing to a whole new level.

What makes them so special? For starters, we begin with a 30 mil clear plastic which is the thickest stock available for plastic business cards. There are so many plastic card printing companies that offer inferior quality clear plastic as thin as 6-7mil. Once you feel our 30 Mil card in your hand you will never want another business card. You can see the difference in thickness with these two plastic business cards side by side.

plastic business cards thickness comparison

Our executive cards come with a white backer behind the design. This is a feature that utilizes printing technology to make your design appear more robust and vivid in color by applying a white coating behind some or all the design elements. A feature we include at no charge whereas our competitors charge an additional fee. We offer the opportunity to leave the white backer off part or all of the design, but only on rare occasions and for a particular effect would you want a design to not have it.

plastic business card white backer

Another great feature of the Executive brand is that you can customize your card in a number of ways. First, you can have one or two sides printed on a clear card. This allows for unique designs where part of the design is clear and transparent while other parts are full color with text on both sides. You can utilize the two side printing in any way you want, just keep in mind what parts you want fully transparent and what parts you want with solid colors. We can also add gold and silver foil, or even have it cut in a way other than the standard size plastic business card with round corners. In fact, you can be as creative as you want and we will bring your creativity to life in a high quality plastic business card. We offer an additional instructions option during checkout for all our clients to include personalization details with their orders.

2 sided clear plastic business card

Finally, all of our plastic business cards can be designed and printed online using one of 3 options we offer: start with our ready-to-go templates and add your information, start with a blank canvas and use our awesome designer studio, with both of these options you can add images from our library or from almost anywhere on the web, add logos, text, backgrounds and so much more; If you have your design already we offer you the option to upload your own design. No matter what option you choose, we make designing and printing plastic business cards online fast and easy and we deliver only the highest quality of products.

plastic business card design and print options

We are so sure that you will love your plastic business cards that we guarantee satisfaction. We have already received an emphatic thumbs up from our established clients and we can’t wait for you to sample a small run for your company and see the results for yourself.

Jason Smith