Plastic Business Card of the Week-EyeCare PM

Whoever said that eyecare has to be a boring topic. Our “EyeCare PM” card is our plastic business card of the week. This is a clear plastic business card printed on two sides with a white strip in the center to help make the content stand out. This card incorporates the idea of glasses with the the clear plastic areas while at the same time utilizing a crafty design of an eye chart, a tool of the trade, to complete the design.

The eyecare card is another example of how clear plastic business cards can help represent almost any type of product in an outstanding way. More importantly, this type of high quality card is so easy to design and print at 1800businesscards. Although this design may seem complex, it is simply text and a couple of colored lines that can be created in just a minute or two. We would like to thank Patricia at 4pmcoe1 for allowing us the opportunity to design and print such a high quality clear plastic business card.

EyeCare Clear Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-WV Window

The “WV Window” is our plastic business card of the week. Another great window company business card demonstrating the power of clear plastic. Not only does this plastic card work for the company’s main product; clear glass, the company incorporates the slogan “What a View” into the design making this business card work so well.

Printed on 30mil clear plastic, the design incorporates a dark background that not only makes the window effect stand out more, but the white text can be easily read because of the great use of contrast. There is no doubt that potential clients are going to be impressed and assume that if this company’s business card is such high quality their product will be as well. A big thanks to WV Window for utilizing one of our plastic business card templates to make an awesome business card.

Clear Plastic Business Card WV Window

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Drone Card

The “Drone” card is our plastic business card of the week. In a similar vein to the all too popular camera lens style design this card has taken that type of design to the next level. The clear center panel on the card captures the drone control center and features various icons and indicators to give the design purpose. The clear background makes the business card seem real and look like a tool of the trade.

This type of clear plastic business card demonstrates the power of a very complex design and really pushes the business card to the elite level. It also highlights the potential behind marketing your company with plastic business cards. There is no doubt that anybody who receives this business card will be talking about it and sharing it with a lot of other people. Think about the advertising exposure for your business. We would really like to thank Remote Pilots for allowing us the opportunity to print such an extraordinary business card.

Drone Clear Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-VIP Images

The “VIP Images” card is our plastic business card of the week. The camera lens design on clear plastic has become a popular choice for many business owners and entrepreneurs. This particular design on clear plastic demonstrates the creativity available when applying an industry related product to your business card. The clear plastic brings the camera lens to life and makes it seem like you are actually looking through a camera lens. This type of product design can work for a wide variety of industries.

Another reason we are so proud of this design is because it was created in our online design studio with one of our easy to edit free templates. There is no need for costly graphic designers or any type of graphic design experience. Just pick the design you like from 1000’s of free templates and personalize it by adding images, text, backgrounds & more. You can create your own high quality plastic business card in minutes and thanks to VIP Images you can see how good the results can be with a few minor adjustments.

plastic business card of the week vip img

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Wolf Pack

The “Wolf Pack” card is our plastic business card design of the week. This card demonstrates some of the advantages to choosing 30 mil. plastic when creating your next business card. First, an image does say a thousand words, but it is so much more emphatic when it is on plastic. The beautiful background image on the front of the card is brought to life through vivid colors and a glossy finish. The attractiveness of the card will help garner support for the cause it represents, and all it took was adding a few images and some text. That is the beauty of plastic.

The other advantage to using plastic is the durability of your card. This card was meant to provide resources and information and because of the durable construction it can be left outdoors, change hands several times, and be reused over and over. The information will always be accessible and easy to read. This card was printed for The Foundation for Wildlife Management and it is definitely worthy of our plastic business card of the week.

Wolf Pack Plastic Business Card

How to Choose a Business Card for Your Company

There are so many different types of business cards available today that it can be difficult deciding which business card is right for you. A lot of circumstances can influence your decision; it can be your personality, industry, company theme or brand, budget, what type of impression it will make, and various other factors. Plastic or paper, thick or thin, silk or linen, slim or oversized, or the standard 2″ by 3.5″ size. There are a lot of choices available today so which option is right for you? In order to make the decision a little bit easier for you we are going to provide some background information on many of the styles available today.

Business Card Size or Thickness

The first option and most common is traditional or standard paper. The most common term describing the card stock or thickness is points (equals .001 inch), although pounds is occasionally used. Typical card stocks range anywhere from 14 point all the way to 32 point, and the higher you go the more thicker and firmer, and harder it is to bend the card.

Standard 14 Point Business Cards
Standard 14 Point Business Cards

Another important feature when describing standard paper business cards is the type of coating or finish. Two of the most common finishes are matte or UV gloss. The matte option provides a light gloss or duller appearance for individuals that do not want such a shiny business card. Whereas the UV gloss provides a very glossy surface which makes colors stand out more and the card surface shine. The main difference between the two is simply a matter of preference. Additionally you have the option of no coating on one or both sides, and you might choose this option for a writeable surface for notes or similar content. However, a card stock with no coating will be less durable as there is no coating to protect the paper, and the lack of coating will also take away from the firmness of the card making it easier to bend. A thin uncoated card would be very flimsy, similar to printing one at home with a standard printer.

The 14 & 16 point standard paper business cards are the most popular choice for individuals and companies across the country, and even the world. Individuals that choose one of these options are consumers that simply need a business card for networking, and mainly look at their business card in a practical sense. Although you can have a really creative design that could impact how well the card is received, using the common material and size allows little room for that “wow” factor. With that said, these are to this day still the most common for professionals. You would only opt for the 16 over the 14 point if you wanted a card that was just slightly more firmer and a little less common.

As you step up to the 18, 22, or 32 point ultra thick business card you will recognize a noticeable difference. The thicker your business card when compared to the most common, the easier it is for individuals that receive the card to notice that something extra. Consumers choose a thicker paper business card when they want to stay with a traditional material, but still want to separate their business card from most of the competitors.

Thick Paper Business Cards
Ultra Thick Paper Business Cards

Alternatives to Standard Paper Business Cards

Now that the commonality of size/thickness has been explored, the next feature of a business card that can impact your decision is material. Silk business cards are similar to traditional 16 point business cards, but there is a significant difference in how the business card feels. Silk is not glossy, but it has an attractive smooth finish in both look and feel. It is also firmer than regular 16 point paper because of the silk lamination. This type of business card is popular because it is perceived very close to paper, but it has that something extra that makes it stand out.

Silk Business Cards
Silk Business Cards With Spot UV

Another unique material that offers a different feel compared to traditional paper is linen. Available in 100 pound paper which is similar to 14 point as far as thickness, linen business cards have a fabric like textured feel. The different feel is immediately recognizable in your hand, and it creates a business card that offers an elegant touch.

Linen Business Cards
Linen Business Cards

Suede is a brand new material that offers another option to giving a business card a unique feel. Suede business cards are 19 point thick and they have a suede/velvet lamination on both sides that gives your business card a high quality feel to it. The business card design on this type of material looks exactly how it does on paper, the only difference is when held it is a firm card with a soft velvet feel that makes your business card unique and interesting. A cost effective option for an extremely unique card.

Suede Business Cards
Suede Business Cards

Pearl Metallic business cards come in a 14 point card stock that is exactly the thickness of most regular business cards. What makes this type of business card such high quality is small metallic fibers spread across the surface that make the card shimmer in the light. This feature can make even the simplest business card design appear very elegant and a great choice for individuals looking for an elegant touch.

Pearl Metallic Business Cards
Pearl Metallic Business Cards

Waterproof business cards come in a 10 point stock which is slightly thinner than most business cards, but the material is close to vinyl making it extremely durable and difficult to tear or damage. The most important feature of this material is that it is 100% waterproof. Although other materials such as plastic can offer some resistance to water, the actual waterproof business card product was created to resist water in all possible circumstances and is very close to a regular business card as far as thickness and how it prints. These business cards are popular for lifeguards, kayaking or canoeing tour owners,  jet skiing, flyboarding  or boating companies, or for individuals that work in a wet environment.

Waterproof Business Cards
Waterproof Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a relatively new business card product and although the white plastic business cards are slightly more expensive than traditional business cards, they are cheaper than other types of plastic and they offer a lot of extra features in comparison to paper. These cards have a soft matte finish or a glossy finish can be requested. The card is made with an opaque white base and can be designed in full color on one or both sides whereas some plastic cards do not offer 2 sided printing. This type of business card is very durable and at 20 point it is thicker than many of the common business cards. The white plastic also holds up over time so after sitting in a wallet or purse for a period of time you do not have to worry about it being bent or folded. Because of the material and thickness of the plastic it is also sure to stand out when compared to most other business cards.

White Plastic Business Cards
White Plastic Business Cards

Frosted plastic business cards are in a class of their own, they are very unique in appearance and material, and at 20 point they are considerably thicker than most common business cards. Although only printing on one side is available, the frosted plastic comes in rounded corners and the card is transparent which allows for a very unique design and overall look. The frosted plastic material will not bend or damage easily so they are long lasting and can save money over time without having to replace old and worn paper cards. Frosted plastic business cards are modern and extremely unique and can make a lasting impression.

Frosted Plastic Business Cards
Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Clear plastic business cards are some of the highest quality business cards available today. This product is 30 point thick which is very similar to a credit card and comes with standard rounded corners. What makes these cards so exclusive is that you can make them clear as glass in some areas and full color in others. You can design one or both sides and have elements appear in reverse on the other side as well as many other cool design techniques. These cards are extremely unique, sophisticated, and a crowd pleaser. This is the type of business card that people talk about and share with their friends and associates long after you are gone. The material also makes these cards very durable so they will look as good over time as the first day they are printed.

Clear Plastic Business Cards
Clear Plastic Business Cards

Four dimension business cards or 4D are another type of unique and modern business card that is just starting to become popular as more people learn about them. These business cards are 21 point thick and have a smooth finish on one side and a vinyl hologram screen on the other that allows for multiple images to be seen as the card is tilted. You can add 2 or 3 designs on the screen side of the card, and print a regular full color standard design on the other. This is another high quality and unique business card that can get people talking about your business card.

4D Business Cards
Four Dimension Business Cards

Sometimes you may want to create a business card that is strictly for marketing purposes and not for the common business card exchange. Two excellent options are business cards as stickers or magnets. Business card stickers are available in a 70lb glossy stock and standard size with square corners. The glossy paper gives your business card sticker a shiny look that is common with most stickers. This product comes with a covered adhesive back so that you can peel and stick your business card almost anywhere at any time. The best feature of this product is that it can be placed in high traffic areas and remain there until manually removed.

Business Card Stickers
Business Card Stickers

Business card magnets are also a great way to market or promote your business card. They come in 17 point which is thicker than most traditional business cards, and they come with square or rounded corners and the surface has a glossy finish. This type of product can be included in a promotional packet or placed in high traffic areas on any metal surface. Both magnets and stickers are an excellent way to advertise your business card.

Business Card Magnets
Business Card Magnets

Additional Business Card Features

Many of the business cards discussed offer additional features to enhance the look of your business card. For instance, foil stamping can make traditional or plastic business cards much more beautiful and unique. A foil is applied to some elements of the card making those elements stand out more and ultimately making your business card higher quality and more exclusive. Another application for highlighting individual elements is spot UV. This process is where you apply a shiny gloss to specific elements to make them stand out in your design. You might also change the size, shape, or corners of your business card in custom ways to make your card more interesting.

Foil Business Cards

Although there are a wide variety of business card types and styles, choosing your business cards should be a lot easier with the above information.

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Torn Envelope

The “Torn Envelope” card is our plastic business card design of the week. This printed design features an image of a torn red envelope that is printed on half of the card and lined up on both sides for a really cool effect. All of the text is on a clear background in white ink which compliments the entire design with an elegant touch. The bright red envelope in the logo is not only vivid in color but it emphasizes the entire idea behind the design which is direct marketing results. We printed multiple sets for the company Direct Results Marketing, and we hope the design helps our users get inspired when they are creating their set of plastic business cards.

12-18 plastic business card of the week

Plastic Business Cards Make a Great Impression

networking event inviteDid you ever get the feeling after giving your 30 second pitch and handing out your business card at some meeting or network event that your pitch would be forgotten and your business card will most likely be thrown away? Whenever you attend some type of social gathering or network event most participants will likely handout and receive between 50 and 100 business cards. Your business card is an important part of your first impression and has a profound effect on how you and your company are perceived, no matter how well your pitch is presented. The reality is that most people will not remember the dozens of interactions without a reminder. The business card is that reminder, and without any effort to separate your business card from the competition you and your company will most likely be forgotten. Well plastic business cards can be a great solution to this problem.

Why Choose Plastic Business Cards

The easiest way to make your mark is with a high quality plastic business card. Why plastic? It is simple; for starters, anywhere from 90 to 98 percent of the business cards handed out in the everyday meetings that take place in the business world will be basic paper and very similar to each other. By presenting a plastic business card you immediately separate yourself from the competition in a positive way.

Make a Good First ImpressionWe all know the timeless adage that first impressions are everything. This is as true today as it was a century ago, especially when it comes to impressions made about about you or your company based on your business cards. When you have 30 seconds to present your company and brand, it makes all the sense in the world to put your best foot forward. Well a high quality plastic business card says a lot about you, your company, and your brand. At first, when the recipient has a look and sees the quality and detail that goes into your business card he or she will assume that you are prepared and take pride in your presentation. It would not be a far stretch to assume that this type of preparedness is your way of doing business.

Plastic also evokes an idea of high quality and luxury. It will be easy for the person to associate you and your product or services with a higher standard, especially when all of the competition does not present themselves in this manner. These types of higher quality associations or such a powerful first impression are simply unattainable with a regular business card.

A Modern Idea

Every company wants to be on the cutting edge and demonstrate that their products or services are the latest and greatest. What better way to demonstrate this than with a plastic business card. Plastic printing brings together modern technology and materials with innovative designs to connote the idea of modernity and leave a lasting impression on a client.

Instilling Confidence

Another great feature of a plastic business card is that it instills confidence. Every time you hand out your business card you are going to feel confident that the recipient will be impressed. By displaying confidence in your appearance and demeanor  your pitch will not only sound better, but your potential client will begin to feel confident in you and your company. Let’s face it, a positive and confident attitude is contagious.

Additional Marketing Advantages

sharing your plastic business cardYour plastic business card does not only have a profound effect on one person, because more likely than not if your business card is unique or cool they will share that card with somebody else. High quality business cards have a “sharing effect”, or simply people like to show it to others because it is impressive and a great conversation piece. Think about the countless dollars and unlimited hours of work spent on advertising; people will promote you and your company without any additional effort or cost on your part.


By choosing plastic you guarantee that your business card will be durable and long lasting. With paper it is so easy to bend or tear, or even have the ink smear or fade, whereas plastic business cards remain crisp and robust in color no matter what type of wear and tear it is subjected to. Plastic is waterproof, weatherproof, it does not smear, bend or fold, it will hold up over time.

Sometimes clients take months or longer to respond back to a potential vendor. You can be sure your number and contact details will be legible no matter how much time has passed. Whether the client needs the contact details for themselves, or to potentially pass the card on to someone else. Plastic is not only good for keeping your contact information in good shape when a client refers back to it for themselves, because this type of card is easily reusable, your business information can easily be passed on to potential new clients.

You can count on your cards looking crisp after sitting in any type of case,  wallet, or purse over any period of time. You will not only save money from all the cards that normally would become worn or damaged, you can also feel confident that every time you dig for your card it will look great and not be crumpled or distorted when you hand it out.

The feature of durability also has another association effect. Clients will immediately associate you or your product with the idea of strong and durable. It could be that your products are tough or long lasting, as well as a good value, or that your services are constant, efficient, and will perform for a long period of time. These associations are not a far stretch and should be considered when you are thinking about the type of material for your business cards as well as the type of impression they will make.

Design Advantages

design advantages with plastic business cardsUtilizing plastic offers design advantages that are just not available with traditional paper. For example, adding transparent areas to your card is not possible with paper. An example of this advantage, let’s say you are a window manufacturer, you can create a window in your design and make the panes clear as glass, whereas on paper that area would be white and wouldn’t allow you to bring your product to life. This is just one example of how you can have an innovative design that relates to a particular industry, however, there are likely countless other crafty design ideas that could be implemented.


Plastic is not only great for presenting your client with your company information and contact details, it is extremely versatile and can be used in many other ways. The quality and durability of plastic makes this a great product for gift cards, loyalty or membership cards, or some type of long lasting and reusable discount or promotional card. The design possibilities and the overall quality make plastic a great option for any type of marketing effort that requires a business card sized printing product.

Easy to Create

Last and certainly not least, plastic business cards are easy to design and print. You do not need a fancy graphic designer or a connection at a local print shop; they can be easily created from your personal computer or smartphone. If you do not have an existing design created from some of the more popular programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you can simply choose an editable plastic business card template and just add some images and text. Once your design is ready you can have it printed and shipped in just a few clicks. With modern printing technologies many online printing companies make it easy to design and print the highest quality plastic business cards available.

There are so many advantages to promoting your company with plastic business cards. They instill ideas of high quality, durability, innovative and modern, and many other positive sentiments that can easily become associated with you, your product or brand.  Plastic business cards are also long lasting, reusable, versatile, and a great marketing tool that can be an asset to any company. You can easily design and print your own set online and separate your company, product or services, and overall brand from your competition, and at the same time have a positive impact on your bottom line.





10 Inspiring Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting a product or service. They are elegant and sophisticated, and at the same time guaranteed to be better than all of the business cards exchanged by your competitors. More importantly, they leave a positive and long lasting impression on the recipient of the card. Although this type of business card can be a great weapon in your promotional arsenal, having the right design can make a big difference in how well your card is received.

Deciding on a design can be a challenge, especially if you are considering printing transparent plastic business cards. The following printed designs from highlight interesting concepts and ideas that offer inspiration that can be incorporated into your next business card design.

1. The one thing about working with transparent business cards is that you can be extremely creative based on the industry or product you are trying to promote. This business card uses the transparent area to represent the glass in a window. It is a great concept that could be applied to so many different products.

clear plastic business card for window company
Window Manufacturer Business Card

2. Another thing about creating a clear plastic business card design is that sometimes all that is required to have an extremely high quality business card is a logo and web address. This tech startup makes a bold statement with a minimalistic design approach.

clear plastic business card for tech company
Tech Startup Business Card

3. Sometimes the card itself can be the product. Whether you are a cinematographer and the camera is your tool, or you want to create a device like a smartphone, clear cards offer you the opportunity to make your design the actual tool or product you are promoting. This cinematographer business card gives the appearance of a video camera lens and at the same time gives an eye catching effect. This concept can be utilized in almost any industry.

clear plastic business card for photographer
Cinematographer Business Card

4. Although flyboarding is really cool, this business card is even cooler. Adding the varnish gives the clear background a frosted effect which makes the card even more unique. This design incorporates great colors and neutral design elements that can work for any company. Also, the colors can be changed to incorporate any logo or company color scheme.

clear plastic business card for flyboard company
Flyboard Company Business Card

5. Selling points are critical to creating a powerful design that is conducive to generating business. This design demonstrates how selling points and calls to action can help make a design if they are placed creatively. Also, adding icons and bright colors can help make boring contact details look attractive.

clear plastic business card for Herbalife representative
Herbalife Business Card

6. Clear plastic and gold foil are a match made in heaven. Gold foil can make even the most basic font look extraordinary. Social icons and QR codes are not only great design additions, but they can help improve your social media presence and website traffic. This type of high quality business card is guaranteed to impress any potential client and it incorporates a lot of design ideas.

clear plastic business card for locksmith
Locksmith Gold Foil Business Card

7. An image of a public figure makes it easy to capture the attention of almost anyone. Combining that with a powerful quote or statement is all it takes to make an impressive business card that is sure to stir up dinner conversation.

clear plastic business card for media company
Media Company Business Card

8. Clear cards offer unique advantages when it comes to text. In this example, a simple word placed in reverse and upside down makes this business card intriguing. Sometimes the simplest idea can make for a powerful design.

clear plastic business card for private foundation
Private Foundation Business Card

9. Using a variety of colors can make a great design, but when it is accented against a clear background it becomes even better. Although this is a real estate business card it can be applied to any industry. Change the colors and logo and the design will look like it was built for your company.

clear plastic business card for Remax representative
Remax Business Card

10. Text can make a powerful statement in any design if it is incorporated in unique ways. This business card uses the clear part with white text to make a showstopping background. Add the logo, some color and contact information and as you can see it is an extremely sophisticated business card.

clear plastic business card for realtor
Real Estate Business Card

If you want more inspiration check out these plastic business card designs.

Proofing Your Clear Plastic Business Card File

Clear plastic business cards have become a very popular option today for business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and executives looking to make a statement with their business cards. The reason they are so popular is because of the high quality of the product and the type of impact it can have on potential clients. Also contributing to the popularity is the ease at which these types of business cards can be produced thanks to modern printing technology. The only obstacle that most people face when ordering clear plastic business cards is understanding how a proof design will look after it is printed. Comparing the proof or mockup received before printing with the actual printed design of that proof is a great way for customers to get a better understanding of the product and take away a little bit of apprehension that they experience during the ordering process.

Whether you are going to your local print shop, having a graphic designer prepare your file, or you are designing it yourself online, before your order goes to print you will be presented with a final proof image of the design (most likely in a .pdf, .jpg, .psd, .eps or .ai file), or you will be provided with a mockup of a close approximation of how your card will look after it is printed. The issue with the proofing process is that even though you have an example, both options are slightly different from what the actual card will look like after it is printed. Looking at the proofing files along with the actual design printed will help outline these differences and help you make an educated decision when making your purchase.

Your Clear Business Card Proof Options

Here are the top three ways you will get your business card proof:

Both image file examples

proof of transparent background for clear plastic image proof of clear plastic

Possible Mockup Example

clear plastic business card mockup proof

The main differences with the image proof file is in two parts; the first is that any type of image file proof is either going to have a white background or a transparent background depending on the format that the file was received. The background of the design in these two file options will either be completely white or have a checkerboard pattern found in a transparent image. These options do not accurately demonstrate to the customer what the clear background will look like after it is printed.

The second difference is that the colors on a computer screen can be slightly different than the printed colors. The reason for the color differences is because computer screens can have different settings for resolution, brightness, contrast and color depth. The different color setting from device to device can affect the way your proof image appears. Below you will find the file printed from the 3 different proof options above.

Your Clear Business Card After Printing

The final printed file

clear plastic business card after printing

The last thing to consider when looking at your proof is the affect a white backer can have on your file. The purpose of the white backer is to make the colors stand out more in the design. However, on lighter colors like the gray stripe in the example before and after you can see how the gray changes tones slightly. Adding the white backer also makes your colored areas a little less transparent so you will see through the design a little less. These are not big not differences but it is certainly something to consider when printing on clear plastic when deciding on your printing or design goals.

Printed Clear Design Without White Backer

clear plastic printed design no white backer

Versus With White Backer

clear plastic business card after printing

By knowing the subtle differences that can arise between the proof and the final printed clear plastic business card the customer can have a more predictable outcome in the ordering process. There will be less stress during the design phase and customers will have clearer expectations. This not only makes purchasing clear plastic business cards easier for the client, but it can also it lead to higher customer satisfaction.