Rare Collection of Steve Jobs Business Cards

Rare Collection of Steve Jobs Business Cards

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This is a rare Steve Jobs Business Card. Preserved by Unfortunate Bystander's on Flickr


Steve Jobs Apple VP Business Card – 1979

Another rare Hi-Res Steve Jobs Business Card from NeXT preserved by Jessamyn! – Approx. Year: 1985

Steve Job's another business card with different address – Approx. Year: 1985


Not a Business Card, but worth sharing: Steve Jobs Homage Cards

We shared these rare Steve Jobs business cards so all of us can continue to remember his achievements.

Chris Mathews.

  1. Great to see these legend cards used by a legend person!
    its Good to see them!

  2. Chad BusbyChad Busby04-18-2012

    As a vintage collectibles dealer, this set of business cards has great value. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing collection here i like it thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great post, thanks a lot!

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    What light of day isn’t today?

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    really inspiring great work!

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