Plastic Business Cards of the Week-Feeling Invisible

We are extremely excited to get the plastic business card of the week rolling again. This week our featured card is “Feeling Invisible”. The business card captures all of the reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs should be considering transparent plastic for their next print.

The first thing it demonstrates is how to incorporate a message with the use of clear areas in the design. The “Feeling Invisible” idea can literally be applied in some form or another to any industry when you are trying to connect with your clients, almost everybody can relate to it. The design does not stop there with the pun style approach. The gentleman with the missing head is another creative way of reinforcing the idea of feeling invisible. Adding bullet points about the products offered and a slogan makes this card a full service selling machine. This is the power of plastic, ideas that come to life that simply could not be produced with the use of paper.

Want to create your powerful statement with plastic? You can design your own plastic business cards online in just a few minutes, it’s that easy. Make an impression that clients will never forget!

Feeling Invisible Plastic Business Card

Jason Smith