Plastic Business Cards: The Choice for Realtors

Keller Williams Plastic Business CardPlastic business cards have been exploding in popularity in the real estate industry. As the booming real estate market makes obtaining clients insanely competitive, more and more agents are looking for a way to separate themselves from their competition. A sophisticated and extremely high quality business card is one of the tools they are using to establish this separation.

Every real estate broker or agent relies on business cards as the main networking tool of their trade. It is not uncommon for someone in the industry to hand out a hundred or more business cards in a week. In the past, the biggest concern for realtors was whether or not their business card will be available and accessible when the client needed it. Paper business cards had a way of getting lost in a handful of business cards that everybody has stored in a draw or they were easily damaged over time and discarded or rendered unreadable. Plastic business cards solve that problem by being extremely durable and long lasting, and easily recognized in a bunch of cards because of the way they stand out from paper. It is not only the durability though that has realtors moving to plastic.

Plastic business cards are extremely high quality and immediately say a lot about a broker. Someone that takes such extreme care with their business card is likely just as dedicated to their work. It also connotes the idea of success as any flashy items do when compared to inferior versions of that same product. Hard working and successful, the two key components any salesperson would love to embody, an impression that a great business card helps establish. As the saying goes, “first impressions mean everything”, a great business card can be the difference in locking in a client or losing that client to a competitor. For these reasons and many others, plastic business cards are becoming the choice business card for anybody working in the real estate industry.

Jason Smith