Plastic Business Card of the Week-Window Panes

The plastic business card of the week comes from the window manufacturing industry. The “Window Panes” card is a sleek design that demonstrates the power of transparent plastic when introducing your product. Clear plastic affords companies the opportunity to get creative with their business cards and bring their products to life.

Designs like the “Window Pane” card create a powerful impression because they are not only unique and luxurious, but they make so much sense. This is a no doubter card because as soon as you take the card in your hand you know exactly what the company is all about; manufacturing high quality windows. To add an extra unique touch the company added a logo in the style of a window cling, another product associated with the window manufacturing industry. There are no limits to how creative you can be with your design, and the great thing is that you can design & print plastic business cards online in no time at all. We hope this design offers the inspiration you need to incorporate your product or theme into your next print.

glass company clear plastic business card


Jason Smith