Plastic Business Card of the Week-Iphone Business Card

Our plastic business card of the week is the iphone business card. This design is one of the most desired prints in the plastic business card industry. The idea of incorporating a smart device into a business card can only be pulled off by printing on plastic. The clear glass screen and overall graphics make the design look real and there is no doubt that this card would be a crowd pleaser in any meeting or marketing campaign.

An important note about this design is that it inspires so many other types of business card designs. Any type of mechanical device or product that has glass can be brought to life by creating a plastic business card design that includes a few graphics and a clear area for the glass. Whether it is a camera, smartphone, or even a calculator, the sky is the limit when it comes to using plastic for your next print project. If you really want to impress clients or make a strong statement with your branding message just go online and start creating your plastic business card design.

Iphone Transparent Business Card

Jason Smith