Plastic Business Card of the Week-Bond-Real-Estate

Our plastic business card of the week is the “Bond” real estate card. This design is great for demonstrating the extension of one product into another product. This design can represent a door manufacturing company or it can be extended into the real estate industry. Clients that receive this card can easily associate a door with being an integral part of a home, and why a realtor would be handing this business card out.

The extension or association can be applied to so many different design ideas and which is why this is the business card of the week. Almost any product can be associated with multiple product images and it can really make a powerful statement on the client. Plastic business cards not only demonstrate high quality and a commitment to a client, but they can also show creativity and leave a lasting impression. The next time you are creating a business card think about how combining clear plastic and a product image can represent your company, brand, or message in a thoughtful and creative way.

Bond Real Estate Plastic Business Card

Jason Smith