Plastic Business Card of the Week-Black Tint

The “Black Tint” card is our plastic business card of the week. We continue to demonstrate over and over the myriad of ways to integrate your product into your plastic business card. This is another one of those examples that shows how choosing plastic for your business card is simply a much better choice over paper because of the additional design advantages it offers. The following business card utilizes the strategic placement of white backing on the back side of the card to highlight the company’s main product, window tinting.

By electing to only have white backing on the back left half of the card the design achieved two things. The important contact details and logo are vibrant in color and easily read, and the right side has a tinted glass look which is really transparent. This is an effect that occurs when you apply ink to clear plastic without white backing the ink. The example below demonstrates yet another way to incorporate your product into your design, and at the same time helps inspire users to find different and creative ways to use white backing to your advantage. Total Eclipse is sure to impress potential clients with this high quality clear plastic business card.

Black Tinted Plastic Business Card

Jason Smith