Plastic Business Card of the Week-Wolf Pack

The “Wolf Pack” card is our plastic business card design of the week. This card demonstrates some of the advantages to choosing 30 mil. plastic when creating your next business card. First, an image does say a thousand words, but it is so much more emphatic when it is on plastic. The beautiful background image on the front of the card is brought to life through vivid colors and a glossy finish. The attractiveness of the card will help garner support for the cause it represents, and all it took was adding a few images and some text. That is the beauty of plastic.

The other advantage to using plastic is the durability of your card. This card was meant to provide resources and information and because of the durable construction it can be left outdoors, change hands several times, and be reused over and over. The information will always be accessible and easy to read. This card was printed for The Foundation for Wildlife Management and it is definitely worthy of our plastic business card of the week.

Wolf Pack Plastic Business Card

Jason Smith