Plastic Business Card of the Week-The Hammer

The “Hammer” card is our plastic business card of the week. A business card is meant to represent your company, brand, or overall message. This business card connotes some key ideas about this company. A clear plastic business card creates an idea of high quality, and the wood and crossed hammers convey the idea of construction. Clear plastic also allows for a design to be really creative and add a unique message. In this example the wood was cut out with a clear area in the shape of the state of Alabama. All together they tell a story about a high quality construction company from Alabama.

Printed on high quality plastic this design is inspirational in many ways. Besides the fact that the design incorporates elements that easily reveal the construction trade, the cut out center in the shape of a state was really intuitive. No matter what type of background you use, any type of product or message can be cut out of the design and made the clear area of the card. Just think of the possibilities. Clear plastic business cards are a great way to bring to life a lot of important ideas about your company, ideas that simply could not be represented using traditional paper.  Whether you own a construction company, or a part of any industry plastic business cards is a must if you want to make a great impression on your clients.

Construction Plastic Business Cards


Jason Smith