Plastic Business Card of the Week-Drone Card

The “Drone” card is our plastic business card of the week. In a similar vein to the all too popular camera lens style design this card has taken that type of design to the next level. The clear center panel on the card captures the drone control center and features various icons and indicators to give the design purpose. The clear background makes the business card seem real and look like a tool of the trade.

This type of clear plastic business card demonstrates the power of a very complex design and really pushes the business card to the elite level. It also highlights the potential behind marketing your company with plastic business cards. There is no doubt that anybody who receives this business card will be talking about it and sharing it with a lot of other people. Think about the advertising exposure for your business. We would really like to thank Remote Pilots for allowing us the opportunity to print such an extraordinary business card.

Drone Clear Plastic Business Card

Jason Smith