Plastic Business Card of the Week-Cool Character

Our “Cool Character” card is our plastic business card of the week. This has to be one of the coolest cards we have printed. A clear plastic base and an extraordinary design show how creative this type of business card can be. This example also easily illustrates why so many people are deciding to choose plastic business cards to promote their company.

The design features a really cool character on a cloud having a great idea, and that idea is the company promoted in the card. The design also uses just enough of a clear area to show off the transparency of the plastic. There is no doubt that this card is an inspiration to anybody looking to create a new business card and it shows how it is possible that people can really start talking about your company for weeks and months to come because of a business card you presented. We want to thank Russo’s Room for giving us the opportunity to print this design.

Cool Character Clear Plastic Business Card

Jason Smith