Donald Trump Presidential Business Card

Donald J. Trump was elected President and now has a new job, running the country. It is obvious that he is going to need a new business card and considering the level of luxury associated with the Trump name we figured we would show him what a high quality business card would like like if it was printed at

Knowing Donald, the design would require a lot of gold. So we incorporated a lot of flashy gold and of course, it would be printed on the gold standard of business cards, our clear plastic business cards. We included all of the important social media accounts that he has worked with through the election and will likely work with moving forward (He Loves Social Media), as well as his new email and website. And of course, no business card for the President would be complete without the Presidential Seal. We hope you like the design as much as we do Mr. President.

Donald Trump Presidential Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Window Panes

The plastic business card of the week comes from the window manufacturing industry. The “Window Panes” card is a sleek design that demonstrates the power of transparent plastic when introducing your product. Clear plastic affords companies the opportunity to get creative with their business cards and bring their products to life.

Designs like the “Window Pane” card create a powerful impression because they are not only unique and luxurious, but they make so much sense. This is a no doubter card because as soon as you take the card in your hand you know exactly what the company is all about; manufacturing high quality windows. To add an extra unique touch the company added a logo in the style of a window cling, another product associated with the window manufacturing industry. There are no limits to how creative you can be with your design, and the great thing is that you can design & print plastic business cards online in no time at all. We hope this design offers the inspiration you need to incorporate your product or theme into your next print.

glass company clear plastic business card


Plastic Business Card of the Week-Luxury Realtor

Our plastic business card of the week comes from the luxury real estate industry. This design demonstrates how a minimalist approach to design can make a powerful statement. The type of statement that every real estate broker should be looking to make.

A clear plastic business card evokes the idea of luxury because it is the gold standard of business cards. This sleek black design incorporates the colors of the Douglas Elliman logo to create a very elegant and  cohesive design. The clear area of the design is just enough to spectacularly highlight the logo & company name. Just two colors, a logo, and a small clear space may be the difference in a million dollar producer and your average real estate broker. A plastic business card is the easiest way to separate you from every other broker or agent. Create the same design in minutes and just change the logo and text to your brand, and get on the path to being a big producer.

Real Estate Transparent Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards of the Week-Feeling Invisible

We are extremely excited to get the plastic business card of the week rolling again. This week our featured card is “Feeling Invisible”. The business card captures all of the reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs should be considering transparent plastic for their next print.

The first thing it demonstrates is how to incorporate a message with the use of clear areas in the design. The “Feeling Invisible” idea can literally be applied in some form or another to any industry when you are trying to connect with your clients, almost everybody can relate to it. The design does not stop there with the pun style approach. The gentleman with the missing head is another creative way of reinforcing the idea of feeling invisible. Adding bullet points about the products offered and a slogan makes this card a full service selling machine. This is the power of plastic, ideas that come to life that simply could not be produced with the use of paper.

Want to create your powerful statement with plastic? You can design your own plastic business cards online in just a few minutes, it’s that easy. Make an impression that clients will never forget!

Feeling Invisible Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Black Tint

The “Black Tint” card is our plastic business card of the week. We continue to demonstrate over and over the myriad of ways to integrate your product into your plastic business card. This is another one of those examples that shows how choosing plastic for your business card is simply a much better choice over paper because of the additional design advantages it offers. The following business card utilizes the strategic placement of white backing on the back side of the card to highlight the company’s main product, window tinting.

By electing to only have white backing on the back left half of the card the design achieved two things. The important contact details and logo are vibrant in color and easily read, and the right side has a tinted glass look which is really transparent. This is an effect that occurs when you apply ink to clear plastic without white backing the ink. The example below demonstrates yet another way to incorporate your product into your design, and at the same time helps inspire users to find different and creative ways to use white backing to your advantage. Total Eclipse is sure to impress potential clients with this high quality clear plastic business card.

Black Tinted Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-The Hammer

The “Hammer” card is our plastic business card of the week. A business card is meant to represent your company, brand, or overall message. This business card connotes some key ideas about this company. A clear plastic business card creates an idea of high quality, and the wood and crossed hammers convey the idea of construction. Clear plastic also allows for a design to be really creative and add a unique message. In this example the wood was cut out with a clear area in the shape of the state of Alabama. All together they tell a story about a high quality construction company from Alabama.

Printed on high quality plastic this design is inspirational in many ways. Besides the fact that the design incorporates elements that easily reveal the construction trade, the cut out center in the shape of a state was really intuitive. No matter what type of background you use, any type of product or message can be cut out of the design and made the clear area of the card. Just think of the possibilities. Clear plastic business cards are a great way to bring to life a lot of important ideas about your company, ideas that simply could not be represented using traditional paper.  Whether you own a construction company, or a part of any industry plastic business cards is a must if you want to make a great impression on your clients.

Construction Plastic Business Cards


Plastic Business Card of the Week-Glass Door

The “Glass Door” card is our plastic business card of the week. Another design from our users demonstrating how clear plastic can be utilized to promote a particular product or service. Glass, water, transparency in a process or service, auto, almost any  company product, brand, or theme can be creatively incorporated into a plastic business card.

This is a 30mil clear plastic business card for a glass company designed as a glass door. It features a door handle and door frame that surrounds a glass panel. Looking at the core elements of the design you can see that the door is nothing but a simple border with a door handle image. Added for embellishment is a colored swirl, and then to complete the design a company logo and contact information was added. If you are creating a clear plastic business card think about how you can incorporate your product, service or brand into business cards. Thanks to MPD Glass for allowing us to print their plastic business cards.

Clear Plastic Business Cards GD

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Apex

The “Apex” two sided transparent card is our plastic business card of the week. This design demonstrates the power of using both sides of a clear business card in a creative and sophisticated way. It is also a great design to inspire users on creating two sided clear business cards.

This design incorporates the colors from the logo into a clean yet powerful double border that really compliments the design. It also creates matching elements on the front and back so they layer on top of each other in an effort to not have too many distracting reverse elements on either side of the card. It would be easy for our users to use circles and rectangles on the front and back of their cards to create the same type of effect and incorporate their own company colors and logo. This design is a great template for users that want to create a two sided clear plastic business card and we would like to thank Apex for allowing us to print this really awesome design.

Clear Plastic Business Cards for Apex

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Black Tree

The “Black Tree” card is our plastic business card of the week. This clear plastic business card demonstrates how a minimalistic design can be so powerful. Sometimes users get so overwhelmed with the idea of creating a business card that they attempt to inundate the card with so many elements when in fact it is often the opposite that makes the best design.

Printed on 30mil clear plastic, this design incorporates rich black to make a bold statement. However, the design would work in any color. The reason this card is so inspirational is because it shows how any basic image with a border can make a fantastic business card when printing on clear plastic. Our design studio makes it easy to start with an editable template and just add an image and edit the contact info. In one or two minutes you can create a one of a kind business card that makes a very powerful impression. Thanks to MissingStitch for taking the time to design this awesome business card in our design studio and utilizing our high quality plastic business card printing services.

Black Tree Clear Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-TekSperts

The “TekSperts” card is our plastic business card of the week. Our users never fail to impress us with their creativity when printing plastic business cards at 1800businesscards. This design is great for inspiring users and demonstrating how there are no limits to creative design. It also shows how simple everyday items brought into the design process can make an unforgettable business card, especially when using  plastic to bring the card to life.

The business card incorporates a credit card theme and it replaces all of normal data on credit cards with relevant company information. This business card is guaranteed to make a positive impression and it also says that this company is a step above the rest. The design could also work for any company or industry and any of the elements or background can be changed to be representative of your business. If you are looking to create a plastic business card the Teksperts card can definitely help inspire your design and if you want the highest quality plastic business card printing go to 1800businesscards.

Credit Card Plastic Business Card