10 Absolutely Stunning Clear Plastic Business Cards

For decades people believed that business cards were just a way to provide contact information and nothing more. Most were printed on standard white paper and it simply had some text and perhaps a logo for more established companies. However, over the last decade the idea of the business card has changed.

The main reason for this change is a thought process that can be referred to as the modern aesthetic. It is kind of a cool or unique, but more importantly, new or different perspective on all things. Ideas, clothing, with almost anything today, the smallest details can be extremely interesting simply by being new or different.

This way of thinking is especially important in the business world. When presenting a company, brand, or message, the smallest details matter and the concept, or representation of that concept should be new. So even things that were once mundane or very dull such as business cards are now critically important. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or top producer in your company you are encouraged and expected to think “outside the box”. This way of thinking or modern aesthetic has single handedly revolutionized the look & feel of business cards.

Obviously it can be argued that there are other contributors to the change in business cards such as technology and modern printing capabilities, or the incessant need to always be marketing in unique and different ways. However, it can also be argued that the modern aesthetic fueled these advancements. No matter what view one subscribes to, it is evident that need for a business card that makes a profound statement is an absolute necessity.

As in all eras, there are still many people trying to catch up to what’s new or in fashion so to speak. Luxury business cards have become more and more popular by the minute and at the top of that list is clear plastic business cards. These business cards provide a new and refreshing look for a company, but they also make a profound statement. For this reason we have compiled a list of stunning plastic business cards printed at 1800businesscards to give our clients a look at what is hot right now. They are easy to create online and we hope these inspire you to make your next business card.

Iphone Transparent Business Card

Iphone Plastic Business Card

Glass Window Clear Business Card

ReMax Plastic Business Card

Drone Plastic Business Card

Drone Plastic Business Card

Cartoon Character Clear Business Card

Cartoon Clear Plastic Business Card

DJ Transparent Plastic Business Card

DJ Plastic Business Card

Real Estate Transparent Business Card

Real Estate Transparent Business Cards

Invisible Business Card

Feeling Invisible Plastic Business Card

Window Pane Clear Business Card

Window Pane Clear Business Card

Financial Advisor Clear Business Card

Financial Advisor Clear Business Card

Wood Grain Clear Plastic Business Card

Wood Grain Plastic Business Card

We hope you enjoyed our stunning business cards. If you like any of these plastic business cards they can easily be created online in just a few minutes.

How to Choose a Business Card for Your Company

There are so many different types of business cards available today that it can be difficult deciding which business card is right for you. A lot of circumstances can influence your decision; it can be your personality, industry, company theme or brand, budget, what type of impression it will make, and various other factors. Plastic or paper, thick or thin, silk or linen, slim or oversized, or the standard 2″ by 3.5″ size. There are a lot of choices available today so which option is right for you? In order to make the decision a little bit easier for you we are going to provide some background information on many of the styles available today.

Business Card Size or Thickness

The first option and most common is traditional or standard paper. The most common term describing the card stock or thickness is points (equals .001 inch), although pounds is occasionally used. Typical card stocks range anywhere from 14 point all the way to 32 point, and the higher you go the more thicker and firmer, and harder it is to bend the card.

Standard 14 Point Business Cards
Standard 14 Point Business Cards

Another important feature when describing standard paper business cards is the type of coating or finish. Two of the most common finishes are matte or UV gloss. The matte option provides a light gloss or duller appearance for individuals that do not want such a shiny business card. Whereas the UV gloss provides a very glossy surface which makes colors stand out more and the card surface shine. The main difference between the two is simply a matter of preference. Additionally you have the option of no coating on one or both sides, and you might choose this option for a writeable surface for notes or similar content. However, a card stock with no coating will be less durable as there is no coating to protect the paper, and the lack of coating will also take away from the firmness of the card making it easier to bend. A thin uncoated card would be very flimsy, similar to printing one at home with a standard printer.

The 14 & 16 point standard paper business cards are the most popular choice for individuals and companies across the country, and even the world. Individuals that choose one of these options are consumers that simply need a business card for networking, and mainly look at their business card in a practical sense. Although you can have a really creative design that could impact how well the card is received, using the common material and size allows little room for that “wow” factor. With that said, these are to this day still the most common for professionals. You would only opt for the 16 over the 14 point if you wanted a card that was just slightly more firmer and a little less common.

As you step up to the 18, 22, or 32 point ultra thick business card you will recognize a noticeable difference. The thicker your business card when compared to the most common, the easier it is for individuals that receive the card to notice that something extra. Consumers choose a thicker paper business card when they want to stay with a traditional material, but still want to separate their business card from most of the competitors.

Thick Paper Business Cards
Ultra Thick Paper Business Cards

Alternatives to Standard Paper Business Cards

Now that the commonality of size/thickness has been explored, the next feature of a business card that can impact your decision is material. Silk business cards are similar to traditional 16 point business cards, but there is a significant difference in how the business card feels. Silk is not glossy, but it has an attractive smooth finish in both look and feel. It is also firmer than regular 16 point paper because of the silk lamination. This type of business card is popular because it is perceived very close to paper, but it has that something extra that makes it stand out.

Silk Business Cards
Silk Business Cards With Spot UV

Another unique material that offers a different feel compared to traditional paper is linen. Available in 100 pound paper which is similar to 14 point as far as thickness, linen business cards have a fabric like textured feel. The different feel is immediately recognizable in your hand, and it creates a business card that offers an elegant touch.

Linen Business Cards
Linen Business Cards

Suede is a brand new material that offers another option to giving a business card a unique feel. Suede business cards are 19 point thick and they have a suede/velvet lamination on both sides that gives your business card a high quality feel to it. The business card design on this type of material looks exactly how it does on paper, the only difference is when held it is a firm card with a soft velvet feel that makes your business card unique and interesting. A cost effective option for an extremely unique card.

Suede Business Cards
Suede Business Cards

Pearl Metallic business cards come in a 14 point card stock that is exactly the thickness of most regular business cards. What makes this type of business card such high quality is small metallic fibers spread across the surface that make the card shimmer in the light. This feature can make even the simplest business card design appear very elegant and a great choice for individuals looking for an elegant touch.

Pearl Metallic Business Cards
Pearl Metallic Business Cards

Waterproof business cards come in a 10 point stock which is slightly thinner than most business cards, but the material is close to vinyl making it extremely durable and difficult to tear or damage. The most important feature of this material is that it is 100% waterproof. Although other materials such as plastic can offer some resistance to water, the actual waterproof business card product was created to resist water in all possible circumstances and is very close to a regular business card as far as thickness and how it prints. These business cards are popular for lifeguards, kayaking or canoeing tour owners,  jet skiing, flyboarding  or boating companies, or for individuals that work in a wet environment.

Waterproof Business Cards
Waterproof Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a relatively new business card product and although the white plastic business cards are slightly more expensive than traditional business cards, they are cheaper than other types of plastic and they offer a lot of extra features in comparison to paper. These cards have a soft matte finish or a glossy finish can be requested. The card is made with an opaque white base and can be designed in full color on one or both sides whereas some plastic cards do not offer 2 sided printing. This type of business card is very durable and at 20 point it is thicker than many of the common business cards. The white plastic also holds up over time so after sitting in a wallet or purse for a period of time you do not have to worry about it being bent or folded. Because of the material and thickness of the plastic it is also sure to stand out when compared to most other business cards.

White Plastic Business Cards
White Plastic Business Cards

Frosted plastic business cards are in a class of their own, they are very unique in appearance and material, and at 20 point they are considerably thicker than most common business cards. Although only printing on one side is available, the frosted plastic comes in rounded corners and the card is transparent which allows for a very unique design and overall look. The frosted plastic material will not bend or damage easily so they are long lasting and can save money over time without having to replace old and worn paper cards. Frosted plastic business cards are modern and extremely unique and can make a lasting impression.

Frosted Plastic Business Cards
Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Clear plastic business cards are some of the highest quality business cards available today. This product is 30 point thick which is very similar to a credit card and comes with standard rounded corners. What makes these cards so exclusive is that you can make them clear as glass in some areas and full color in others. You can design one or both sides and have elements appear in reverse on the other side as well as many other cool design techniques. These cards are extremely unique, sophisticated, and a crowd pleaser. This is the type of business card that people talk about and share with their friends and associates long after you are gone. The material also makes these cards very durable so they will look as good over time as the first day they are printed.

Clear Plastic Business Cards
Clear Plastic Business Cards

Four dimension business cards or 4D are another type of unique and modern business card that is just starting to become popular as more people learn about them. These business cards are 21 point thick and have a smooth finish on one side and a vinyl hologram screen on the other that allows for multiple images to be seen as the card is tilted. You can add 2 or 3 designs on the screen side of the card, and print a regular full color standard design on the other. This is another high quality and unique business card that can get people talking about your business card.

4D Business Cards
Four Dimension Business Cards

Sometimes you may want to create a business card that is strictly for marketing purposes and not for the common business card exchange. Two excellent options are business cards as stickers or magnets. Business card stickers are available in a 70lb glossy stock and standard size with square corners. The glossy paper gives your business card sticker a shiny look that is common with most stickers. This product comes with a covered adhesive back so that you can peel and stick your business card almost anywhere at any time. The best feature of this product is that it can be placed in high traffic areas and remain there until manually removed.

Business Card Stickers
Business Card Stickers

Business card magnets are also a great way to market or promote your business card. They come in 17 point which is thicker than most traditional business cards, and they come with square or rounded corners and the surface has a glossy finish. This type of product can be included in a promotional packet or placed in high traffic areas on any metal surface. Both magnets and stickers are an excellent way to advertise your business card.

Business Card Magnets
Business Card Magnets

Additional Business Card Features

Many of the business cards discussed offer additional features to enhance the look of your business card. For instance, foil stamping can make traditional or plastic business cards much more beautiful and unique. A foil is applied to some elements of the card making those elements stand out more and ultimately making your business card higher quality and more exclusive. Another application for highlighting individual elements is spot UV. This process is where you apply a shiny gloss to specific elements to make them stand out in your design. You might also change the size, shape, or corners of your business card in custom ways to make your card more interesting.

Foil Business Cards

Although there are a wide variety of business card types and styles, choosing your business cards should be a lot easier with the above information.

Business Cards: A Universal Language

Business cards are a universal language. All across the globe you will see that almost every country or culture practices the exchange of business cards. There are some differences in the textual content you place on your card and how you present it, but there are very little restrictions spoken about design and style. So one could be full of color and elements whereas one may just consist of a logo and text, both being equally appropriate. However, it makes sense that the more conservative a culture is in a particular region the more important it is to be conservative in your design. And although there are some small differences in how you design and present your business card, it is clear by the sample of regional designs below that business cards are pretty much the same everywhere.

As an example of the differences in textual content, in some countries where people have strong beliefs in hierarchy, there is an important emphasis placed on titles and exactly what contact details you have on your card. Also, in many places your card should be two sided, one side with your English contact information and the other side should consist of a translation of your English contact information to the accepted language of your destination. This is a very common practice and an important feature that should not be overlooked.

The differences are not only in design, there are also variations when it comes to business card etiquette or how the business card exchange actually takes place. In many places it is appropriate to present your business card with two hands, while in other places there is no formal ritual. Additionally, there are acceptable times and locations for presenting your card, for example, it might be at the beginning or end of a meeting, and only in formal settings.

The following designs and information provide great insight into designing and presenting your business card. However, if you plan on visiting a specific region it would be wise to do some background research on etiquette as there can be many nuances outside of the scope of this article as far as content or layout that can be critical to the impression you make.


chinese business card

Image Source

As you can see from the design that the card is relatively simple, it features a logo with textual content. In China, your business card is exchanged upon meeting an individual. The card should be presented with two hands. When you have a two sided business card, one side should be printed in Chinese with the simplified version of characters, and English text on the other side. You should present the card with the Chinese side up.

japanese flagJapan

japanese business card

The Japanese business card or meishi, is designed very similar to a Chinese business card. It features some content and a small logo, with Japanese on one side and English on the other. The Katakana writing system is considered standard for text on the Japanese side. Upon an introduction and after bowing, business cards are exchanged by holding the card with two hand and presenting it with the Japanese side showing.

Image Source

france flagFrance

french business card

There are no set formalities when it comes to business card design or etiquette in France. It is appreciated when you have your business contact information in French on one side and English on the other. Many people choose to have their family name in a pronounced way on the design, but overall as with most business card designs a logo and textual content is fine.

Image Source

greece flagGreece

greek business card

Designing your Greek business card is very similar to many of the Eurasian countries, have your business card with Greek lettering on one side and English on the other. It is also good practice to present your card with the Greek content facing up, but outside of that there are no formal rituals or design standards required.

Image Source

south africa flagSouth Africa

south african business card

As you can see from this design having a nice business card that is modern is acceptable. There are many languages in South Africa so there is no set etiquette for a particular language. Some traditions in the past may have suggested that business cards were not necessary, but you will find more and more places today that suggest that presenting a business card is fine, and there is no type of formal ritual for presenting that card.

Image Source

australia flagAustralia

australia business card

This design shows that Australian business cards are similar in design to anything you may find in the U.S., and a large portion of the population speaks English so whether you have one or two sides printed English lettering is fine. There is also no formalities when exchanging business cards except that you may want to present it at the point of introduction and not to feel offended if the person you are meeting does not have one.

Image Source

saudi arabia flagSaudi Arabia

saudi arabia business card

A business card with your logo and text is fine, but the text should be in Arabic on one side and English on the other. Also, when handing or exchanging business cards you should use your right hand. Professionalism and business cards go hand-in-hand so having a briefcase or business card holder is considered appropriate.

Image Source

south korea flagSouth Korea

south korea business card

There is no design restrictions in South Korea so a colored logo and text is fine, however, business cards are considered an extension of the person and should be treated as such. South Koreans believe strongly in hierarchical structure so displaying a title is important. There should be Korean text on one side and English on the other, and your business card should be presented with two hands if possible.

Image Source

italy flagItaly

italian business card

As with almost all business card designs in foreign countries, there are no design limitations as far as style, color, and text. It is well received if your card details are translated on one side into Italian and English on the other. Business cards should only be presented in a business setting, in informal settings many Italians use the much simpler and more personal calling cards.

Image Source

egypt flagEgypt

egypt business card

There are no formal rituals with presenting your business card in Egypt and there are no design restrictions as seen with this modern and stylish business card. It is important however to translate one side of your business card in Arabic and have the other side in English.

Image Source

turkey flagTurkey

turkey business card

Business cards are common in Turkey and designs are not limited in color or style. If possible, it is a good idea to present your card with two hands, and writing should be in Turkish on one side and English on the other.

Image Source

ireland flagIreland

ireland business card

There are no formal rituals for handing out a business card in Ireland as well as your design can be printed in any style and color. There is also no need to print one of your sides in Gaelic as most people in Ireland speak English.

Image Source

spain flagSpain

spain business card

There are no specifications as to designing your business card in Spain with the only exception being that you print your contact details in Spanish on one side and English on the other, and it is preferred to hand the card with the Spanish side visible. In Spain they do have a much simpler social card which is used for informal gatherings.

Image Source

brazil flagBrazil

brazil business card

Business cards in Brazil can be as stylish and colorful as you wish. The important requirement is that you have English on one side and Portuguese on the other, and when presenting your card have the Portuguese side face up.

Image Source

argentina flagArgentina

argentina business card

There are no formal rituals with presenting your business card and no design limitations. It is well received if you have English on one side and Spanish on the other. It is also a good decision to present your business card with the Spanish side showing.

Image Source

new zealand flagNew Zealand

new zealand business card

There is no ceremony required when presenting your business card and designs are not limited in any way. Just have plenty of business cards to hand out to everybody in the meeting.

Image Source

mexico flagMexico

mexico business card

As with almost all Spanish speaking cultures having Spanish text on one side and English on the other is appropriate in Mexico. Although business cards are widely used there is not standard protocol for presenting your business card and your design can be created in any way you see fit.

Image Source

indonesia flagIndonesia

indonesia business card

As it is pretty apparent designing your Indonesian business card is pretty open as with all cultures. It is a good idea to print one side in English and the other side translate your information into Bahasa Indonesian or Chinese Indonesian depending on who you will be meeting with. One should also present the business card with two hands if possible.

Image Source

great britian flagUK

uk business card

There are no formal rituals for handing out business cards in the UK, it could either be in the beginning or the end of a meeting. Designs are not limited in any way and the only real requirement is to have a business card in good condition. You should also not be upset if some people do not have a business card.

Image Source: 1800BusinessCards

united states flagU.S.

united states business card

Handing out a business card in the U.S. is unique simply because there are so many diverse cultures and people. With that said, most people understand that in the U.S. people are very free with giving business cards. There is almost no set timing to give your business card, it could be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a meeting. Designs also vary greatly in style and type as you are usually always dealing with a lot of competition, so it is wise to hand out a very sophisticated card such as a plastic business card to make an impression although a large part of the population still stick to a standard paper business card.

Image Source: 1800BusinessCards

As you can see business cards continue to be a universal language. Although you may find little differences in design and etiquette, overall people rely on business cards to introduce themselves and their company, and hopefully make a positive and lasting impression.

1500 Free Business Card Templates

Designing a business card is a tough task if you do not have any graphic design experience. Although 1800businesscards is a leading provider of business cards with a wide variety of free and editable business card templates, there are never enough designs to offer that can help inspire our user’s next business card creation.

Creating a business card design is a process. A user takes a set of requirements and some basic design ideas and that is where the process begins. The next step is to start looking at actual business card designs to help shape or inspire what will ultimately be the final design for the company. Some users might find a design that fits perfectly with their company vision, and all that is required is changing the contact details, while others might want to tweak a color or add or subtract some elements to fit their needs. In an effort to make creating your business card as easy as possible we have did all of the heavy lifting and searched the web to put together a collection of more than 1500 free business card templates.

All of the designs in this collection are layered Photoshop or Illustrator files that are free to download and edit as you wish. Any of these designs can be printed as plastic business cards, silk business cards, or any other card stock of your choice. Once your design is absolutely perfect and ready for printing you can easily upload it to the printer of your choice and choose the type of material to print it on. We hope you are inspired!

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The above collection of business cards includes everything from retro design styles all the way to ultra modern designs. All of the templates are fully editable and can be tailored to any company’s design vision. In addition, any of the designs can be printed on plastic, silk, linen, suede, as stickers or magnets, or many of the other cardstocks available at 1800businesscards. We are sure that one of these templates can provide the inspiration needed to make a fantastic business card that has the ability to make a favorable impression on any existing or potential client.