Plastic Business Card of the Week-Butterfly

Our plastic business card of the week is the “Butterfly” business card. This business card design is a great example of how you can turn any logo or brand image into a great business card. The Monarch Butterfly is beautiful in its own right but when introduced into a clear plastic design it becomes a stunning work of art, and helps create a business card that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

As we have noted time and time again in our design inspiration posts is that even the simplest images can be brought to life on clear plastic, something that cannot be done printing on regular paper. Our online design center allows you to add any logo or image in just a couple of clicks and our free design templates are easily editable so you can have a fantastic business card in just one or two minutes without the need for graphic designers or any graphic design experience. Create your own plastic business card today!

Butterfly Plastic Business Card

10 Absolutely Stunning Clear Plastic Business Cards

For decades people believed that business cards were just a way to provide contact information and nothing more. Most were printed on standard white paper and it simply had some text and perhaps a logo for more established companies. However, over the last decade the idea of the business card has changed.

The main reason for this change is a thought process that can be referred to as the modern aesthetic. It is kind of a cool or unique, but more importantly, new or different perspective on all things. Ideas, clothing, with almost anything today, the smallest details can be extremely interesting simply by being new or different.

This way of thinking is especially important in the business world. When presenting a company, brand, or message, the smallest details matter and the concept, or representation of that concept should be new. So even things that were once mundane or very dull such as business cards are now critically important. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or top producer in your company you are encouraged and expected to think “outside the box”. This way of thinking or modern aesthetic has single handedly revolutionized the look & feel of business cards.

Obviously it can be argued that there are other contributors to the change in business cards such as technology and modern printing capabilities, or the incessant need to always be marketing in unique and different ways. However, it can also be argued that the modern aesthetic fueled these advancements. No matter what view one subscribes to, it is evident that need for a business card that makes a profound statement is an absolute necessity.

As in all eras, there are still many people trying to catch up to what’s new or in fashion so to speak. Luxury business cards have become more and more popular by the minute and at the top of that list is clear plastic business cards. These business cards provide a new and refreshing look for a company, but they also make a profound statement. For this reason we have compiled a list of stunning plastic business cards printed at 1800businesscards to give our clients a look at what is hot right now. They are easy to create online and we hope these inspire you to make your next business card.

Iphone Transparent Business Card

Iphone Plastic Business Card

Glass Window Clear Business Card

ReMax Plastic Business Card

Drone Plastic Business Card

Drone Plastic Business Card

Cartoon Character Clear Business Card

Cartoon Clear Plastic Business Card

DJ Transparent Plastic Business Card

DJ Plastic Business Card

Real Estate Transparent Business Card

Real Estate Transparent Business Cards

Invisible Business Card

Feeling Invisible Plastic Business Card

Window Pane Clear Business Card

Window Pane Clear Business Card

Financial Advisor Clear Business Card

Financial Advisor Clear Business Card

Wood Grain Clear Plastic Business Card

Wood Grain Plastic Business Card

We hope you enjoyed our stunning business cards. If you like any of these plastic business cards they can easily be created online in just a few minutes.

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Iphone Business Card

Our plastic business card of the week is the iphone business card. This design is one of the most desired prints in the plastic business card industry. The idea of incorporating a smart device into a business card can only be pulled off by printing on plastic. The clear glass screen and overall graphics make the design look real and there is no doubt that this card would be a crowd pleaser in any meeting or marketing campaign.

An important note about this design is that it inspires so many other types of business card designs. Any type of mechanical device or product that has glass can be brought to life by creating a plastic business card design that includes a few graphics and a clear area for the glass. Whether it is a camera, smartphone, or even a calculator, the sky is the limit when it comes to using plastic for your next print project. If you really want to impress clients or make a strong statement with your branding message just go online and start creating your plastic business card design.

Iphone Transparent Business Card