Plastic Business Card of the Week-Apex

The “Apex” two sided transparent card is our plastic business card of the week. This design demonstrates the power of using both sides of a clear business card in a creative and sophisticated way. It is also a great design to inspire users on creating two sided clear business cards.

This design incorporates the colors from the logo into a clean yet powerful double border that really compliments the design. It also creates matching elements on the front and back so they layer on top of each other in an effort to not have too many distracting reverse elements on either side of the card. It would be easy for our users to use circles and rectangles on the front and back of their cards to create the same type of effect and incorporate their own company colors and logo. This design is a great template for users that want to create a two sided clear plastic business card and we would like to thank Apex for allowing us to print this really awesome design.

Clear Plastic Business Cards for Apex

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Black Tree

The “Black Tree” card is our plastic business card of the week. This clear plastic business card demonstrates how a minimalistic design can be so powerful. Sometimes users get so overwhelmed with the idea of creating a business card that they attempt to inundate the card with so many elements when in fact it is often the opposite that makes the best design.

Printed on 30mil clear plastic, this design incorporates rich black to make a bold statement. However, the design would work in any color. The reason this card is so inspirational is because it shows how any basic image with a border can make a fantastic business card when printing on clear plastic. Our design studio makes it easy to start with an editable template and just add an image and edit the contact info. In one or two minutes you can create a one of a kind business card that makes a very powerful impression. Thanks to MissingStitch for taking the time to design this awesome business card in our design studio and utilizing our high quality plastic business card printing services.

Black Tree Clear Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-TekSperts

The “TekSperts” card is our plastic business card of the week. Our users never fail to impress us with their creativity when printing plastic business cards at 1800businesscards. This design is great for inspiring users and demonstrating how there are no limits to creative design. It also shows how simple everyday items brought into the design process can make an unforgettable business card, especially when usingĀ  plastic to bring the card to life.

The business card incorporates a credit card theme and it replaces all of normal data on credit cards with relevant company information. This business card is guaranteed to make a positive impression and it also says that this company is a step above the rest. The design could also work for any company or industry and any of the elements or background can be changed to be representative of your business. If you are looking to create a plastic business card the Teksperts card can definitely help inspire your design and if you want the highest quality plastic business card printing go to 1800businesscards.

Credit Card Plastic Business Card