Plastic Business Card of the Week-City Skyline

The “City Skyline” card is our plastic business card design of the week. This plastic card is a great example of the available design techniques offered with transparent plastic business cards. The city skyline on the back of the design was meant to peer through on the front and give that corporate feel to the business card. The combination of a great design with high quality plastic tells potential clients that Fuller & Associates LLC offers high quality consulting to corporations. When dealing with high value corporate clients it is important to make a strong first impression, and a plastic business card is a great tool to make that happen. City Landscape Plastic Business Card 12-25

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Torn Envelope

The “Torn Envelope” card is our plastic business card design of the week. This printed design features an image of a torn red envelope that is printed on half of the card and lined up on both sides for a really cool effect. All of the text is on a clear background in white ink which compliments the entire design with an elegant touch. The bright red envelope in the logo is not only vivid in color but it emphasizes the entire idea behind the design which is direct marketing results. We printed multiple sets for the company Direct Results Marketing, and we hope the design helps our users get inspired when they are creating their set of plastic business cards.

12-18 plastic business card of the week

Plastic Business Cards Make a Great Impression

networking event inviteDid you ever get the feeling after giving your 30 second pitch and handing out your business card at some meeting or network event that your pitch would be forgotten and your business card will most likely be thrown away? Whenever you attend some type of social gathering or network event most participants will likely handout and receive between 50 and 100 business cards. Your business card is an important part of your first impression and has a profound effect on how you and your company are perceived, no matter how well your pitch is presented. The reality is that most people will not remember the dozens of interactions without a reminder. The business card is that reminder, and without any effort to separate your business card from the competition you and your company will most likely be forgotten. Well plastic business cards can be a great solution to this problem.

Why Choose Plastic Business Cards

The easiest way to make your mark is with a high quality plastic business card. Why plastic? It is simple; for starters, anywhere from 90 to 98 percent of the business cards handed out in the everyday meetings that take place in the business world will be basic paper and very similar to each other. By presenting a plastic business card you immediately separate yourself from the competition in a positive way.

Make a Good First ImpressionWe all know the timeless adage that first impressions are everything. This is as true today as it was a century ago, especially when it comes to impressions made about about you or your company based on your business cards. When you have 30 seconds to present your company and brand, it makes all the sense in the world to put your best foot forward. Well a high quality plastic business card says a lot about you, your company, and your brand. At first, when the recipient has a look and sees the quality and detail that goes into your business card he or she will assume that you are prepared and take pride in your presentation. It would not be a far stretch to assume that this type of preparedness is your way of doing business.

Plastic also evokes an idea of high quality and luxury. It will be easy for the person to associate you and your product or services with a higher standard, especially when all of the competition does not present themselves in this manner. These types of higher quality associations or such a powerful first impression are simply unattainable with a regular business card.

A Modern Idea

Every company wants to be on the cutting edge and demonstrate that their products or services are the latest and greatest. What better way to demonstrate this than with a plastic business card. Plastic printing brings together modern technology and materials with innovative designs to connote the idea of modernity and leave a lasting impression on a client.

Instilling Confidence

Another great feature of a plastic business card is that it instills confidence. Every time you hand out your business card you are going to feel confident that the recipient will be impressed. By displaying confidence in your appearance and demeanor  your pitch will not only sound better, but your potential client will begin to feel confident in you and your company. Let’s face it, a positive and confident attitude is contagious.

Additional Marketing Advantages

sharing your plastic business cardYour plastic business card does not only have a profound effect on one person, because more likely than not if your business card is unique or cool they will share that card with somebody else. High quality business cards have a “sharing effect”, or simply people like to show it to others because it is impressive and a great conversation piece. Think about the countless dollars and unlimited hours of work spent on advertising; people will promote you and your company without any additional effort or cost on your part.


By choosing plastic you guarantee that your business card will be durable and long lasting. With paper it is so easy to bend or tear, or even have the ink smear or fade, whereas plastic business cards remain crisp and robust in color no matter what type of wear and tear it is subjected to. Plastic is waterproof, weatherproof, it does not smear, bend or fold, it will hold up over time.

Sometimes clients take months or longer to respond back to a potential vendor. You can be sure your number and contact details will be legible no matter how much time has passed. Whether the client needs the contact details for themselves, or to potentially pass the card on to someone else. Plastic is not only good for keeping your contact information in good shape when a client refers back to it for themselves, because this type of card is easily reusable, your business information can easily be passed on to potential new clients.

You can count on your cards looking crisp after sitting in any type of case,  wallet, or purse over any period of time. You will not only save money from all the cards that normally would become worn or damaged, you can also feel confident that every time you dig for your card it will look great and not be crumpled or distorted when you hand it out.

The feature of durability also has another association effect. Clients will immediately associate you or your product with the idea of strong and durable. It could be that your products are tough or long lasting, as well as a good value, or that your services are constant, efficient, and will perform for a long period of time. These associations are not a far stretch and should be considered when you are thinking about the type of material for your business cards as well as the type of impression they will make.

Design Advantages

design advantages with plastic business cardsUtilizing plastic offers design advantages that are just not available with traditional paper. For example, adding transparent areas to your card is not possible with paper. An example of this advantage, let’s say you are a window manufacturer, you can create a window in your design and make the panes clear as glass, whereas on paper that area would be white and wouldn’t allow you to bring your product to life. This is just one example of how you can have an innovative design that relates to a particular industry, however, there are likely countless other crafty design ideas that could be implemented.


Plastic is not only great for presenting your client with your company information and contact details, it is extremely versatile and can be used in many other ways. The quality and durability of plastic makes this a great product for gift cards, loyalty or membership cards, or some type of long lasting and reusable discount or promotional card. The design possibilities and the overall quality make plastic a great option for any type of marketing effort that requires a business card sized printing product.

Easy to Create

Last and certainly not least, plastic business cards are easy to design and print. You do not need a fancy graphic designer or a connection at a local print shop; they can be easily created from your personal computer or smartphone. If you do not have an existing design created from some of the more popular programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you can simply choose an editable plastic business card template and just add some images and text. Once your design is ready you can have it printed and shipped in just a few clicks. With modern printing technologies many online printing companies make it easy to design and print the highest quality plastic business cards available.

There are so many advantages to promoting your company with plastic business cards. They instill ideas of high quality, durability, innovative and modern, and many other positive sentiments that can easily become associated with you, your product or brand.  Plastic business cards are also long lasting, reusable, versatile, and a great marketing tool that can be an asset to any company. You can easily design and print your own set online and separate your company, product or services, and overall brand from your competition, and at the same time have a positive impact on your bottom line.





Business Cards: A Universal Language

Business cards are a universal language. All across the globe you will see that almost every country or culture practices the exchange of business cards. There are some differences in the textual content you place on your card and how you present it, but there are very little restrictions spoken about design and style. So one could be full of color and elements whereas one may just consist of a logo and text, both being equally appropriate. However, it makes sense that the more conservative a culture is in a particular region the more important it is to be conservative in your design. And although there are some small differences in how you design and present your business card, it is clear by the sample of regional designs below that business cards are pretty much the same everywhere.

As an example of the differences in textual content, in some countries where people have strong beliefs in hierarchy, there is an important emphasis placed on titles and exactly what contact details you have on your card. Also, in many places your card should be two sided, one side with your English contact information and the other side should consist of a translation of your English contact information to the accepted language of your destination. This is a very common practice and an important feature that should not be overlooked.

The differences are not only in design, there are also variations when it comes to business card etiquette or how the business card exchange actually takes place. In many places it is appropriate to present your business card with two hands, while in other places there is no formal ritual. Additionally, there are acceptable times and locations for presenting your card, for example, it might be at the beginning or end of a meeting, and only in formal settings.

The following designs and information provide great insight into designing and presenting your business card. However, if you plan on visiting a specific region it would be wise to do some background research on etiquette as there can be many nuances outside of the scope of this article as far as content or layout that can be critical to the impression you make.


chinese business card

Image Source

As you can see from the design that the card is relatively simple, it features a logo with textual content. In China, your business card is exchanged upon meeting an individual. The card should be presented with two hands. When you have a two sided business card, one side should be printed in Chinese with the simplified version of characters, and English text on the other side. You should present the card with the Chinese side up.

japanese flagJapan

japanese business card

The Japanese business card or meishi, is designed very similar to a Chinese business card. It features some content and a small logo, with Japanese on one side and English on the other. The Katakana writing system is considered standard for text on the Japanese side. Upon an introduction and after bowing, business cards are exchanged by holding the card with two hand and presenting it with the Japanese side showing.

Image Source

france flagFrance

french business card

There are no set formalities when it comes to business card design or etiquette in France. It is appreciated when you have your business contact information in French on one side and English on the other. Many people choose to have their family name in a pronounced way on the design, but overall as with most business card designs a logo and textual content is fine.

Image Source

greece flagGreece

greek business card

Designing your Greek business card is very similar to many of the Eurasian countries, have your business card with Greek lettering on one side and English on the other. It is also good practice to present your card with the Greek content facing up, but outside of that there are no formal rituals or design standards required.

Image Source

south africa flagSouth Africa

south african business card

As you can see from this design having a nice business card that is modern is acceptable. There are many languages in South Africa so there is no set etiquette for a particular language. Some traditions in the past may have suggested that business cards were not necessary, but you will find more and more places today that suggest that presenting a business card is fine, and there is no type of formal ritual for presenting that card.

Image Source

australia flagAustralia

australia business card

This design shows that Australian business cards are similar in design to anything you may find in the U.S., and a large portion of the population speaks English so whether you have one or two sides printed English lettering is fine. There is also no formalities when exchanging business cards except that you may want to present it at the point of introduction and not to feel offended if the person you are meeting does not have one.

Image Source

saudi arabia flagSaudi Arabia

saudi arabia business card

A business card with your logo and text is fine, but the text should be in Arabic on one side and English on the other. Also, when handing or exchanging business cards you should use your right hand. Professionalism and business cards go hand-in-hand so having a briefcase or business card holder is considered appropriate.

Image Source

south korea flagSouth Korea

south korea business card

There is no design restrictions in South Korea so a colored logo and text is fine, however, business cards are considered an extension of the person and should be treated as such. South Koreans believe strongly in hierarchical structure so displaying a title is important. There should be Korean text on one side and English on the other, and your business card should be presented with two hands if possible.

Image Source

italy flagItaly

italian business card

As with almost all business card designs in foreign countries, there are no design limitations as far as style, color, and text. It is well received if your card details are translated on one side into Italian and English on the other. Business cards should only be presented in a business setting, in informal settings many Italians use the much simpler and more personal calling cards.

Image Source

egypt flagEgypt

egypt business card

There are no formal rituals with presenting your business card in Egypt and there are no design restrictions as seen with this modern and stylish business card. It is important however to translate one side of your business card in Arabic and have the other side in English.

Image Source

turkey flagTurkey

turkey business card

Business cards are common in Turkey and designs are not limited in color or style. If possible, it is a good idea to present your card with two hands, and writing should be in Turkish on one side and English on the other.

Image Source

ireland flagIreland

ireland business card

There are no formal rituals for handing out a business card in Ireland as well as your design can be printed in any style and color. There is also no need to print one of your sides in Gaelic as most people in Ireland speak English.

Image Source

spain flagSpain

spain business card

There are no specifications as to designing your business card in Spain with the only exception being that you print your contact details in Spanish on one side and English on the other, and it is preferred to hand the card with the Spanish side visible. In Spain they do have a much simpler social card which is used for informal gatherings.

Image Source

brazil flagBrazil

brazil business card

Business cards in Brazil can be as stylish and colorful as you wish. The important requirement is that you have English on one side and Portuguese on the other, and when presenting your card have the Portuguese side face up.

Image Source

argentina flagArgentina

argentina business card

There are no formal rituals with presenting your business card and no design limitations. It is well received if you have English on one side and Spanish on the other. It is also a good decision to present your business card with the Spanish side showing.

Image Source

new zealand flagNew Zealand

new zealand business card

There is no ceremony required when presenting your business card and designs are not limited in any way. Just have plenty of business cards to hand out to everybody in the meeting.

Image Source

mexico flagMexico

mexico business card

As with almost all Spanish speaking cultures having Spanish text on one side and English on the other is appropriate in Mexico. Although business cards are widely used there is not standard protocol for presenting your business card and your design can be created in any way you see fit.

Image Source

indonesia flagIndonesia

indonesia business card

As it is pretty apparent designing your Indonesian business card is pretty open as with all cultures. It is a good idea to print one side in English and the other side translate your information into Bahasa Indonesian or Chinese Indonesian depending on who you will be meeting with. One should also present the business card with two hands if possible.

Image Source

great britian flagUK

uk business card

There are no formal rituals for handing out business cards in the UK, it could either be in the beginning or the end of a meeting. Designs are not limited in any way and the only real requirement is to have a business card in good condition. You should also not be upset if some people do not have a business card.

Image Source: 1800BusinessCards

united states flagU.S.

united states business card

Handing out a business card in the U.S. is unique simply because there are so many diverse cultures and people. With that said, most people understand that in the U.S. people are very free with giving business cards. There is almost no set timing to give your business card, it could be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a meeting. Designs also vary greatly in style and type as you are usually always dealing with a lot of competition, so it is wise to hand out a very sophisticated card such as a plastic business card to make an impression although a large part of the population still stick to a standard paper business card.

Image Source: 1800BusinessCards

As you can see business cards continue to be a universal language. Although you may find little differences in design and etiquette, overall people rely on business cards to introduce themselves and their company, and hopefully make a positive and lasting impression.