Proofing Your Clear Plastic Business Card File

Clear plastic business cards have become a very popular option today for business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and executives looking to make a statement with their business cards. The reason they are so popular is because of the high quality of the product and the type of impact it can have on potential clients. Also contributing to the popularity is the ease at which these types of business cards can be produced thanks to modern printing technology. The only obstacle that most people face when ordering clear plastic business cards is understanding how a proof design will look after it is printed. Comparing the proof or mockup received before printing with the actual printed design of that proof is a great way for customers to get a better understanding of the product and take away a little bit of apprehension that they experience during the ordering process.

Whether you are going to your local print shop, having a graphic designer prepare your file, or you are designing it yourself online, before your order goes to print you will be presented with a final proof image of the design (most likely in a .pdf, .jpg, .psd, .eps or .ai file), or you will be provided with a mockup of a close approximation of how your card will look after it is printed. The issue with the proofing process is that even though you have an example, both options are slightly different from what the actual card will look like after it is printed. Looking at the proofing files along with the actual design printed will help outline these differences and help you make an educated decision when making your purchase.

Your Clear Business Card Proof Options

Here are the top three ways you will get your business card proof:

Both image file examples

proof of transparent background for clear plastic image proof of clear plastic

Possible Mockup Example

clear plastic business card mockup proof

The main differences with the image proof file is in two parts; the first is that any type of image file proof is either going to have a white background or a transparent background depending on the format that the file was received. The background of the design in these two file options will either be completely white or have a checkerboard pattern found in a transparent image. These options do not accurately demonstrate to the customer what the clear background will look like after it is printed.

The second difference is that the colors on a computer screen can be slightly different than the printed colors. The reason for the color differences is because computer screens can have different settings for resolution, brightness, contrast and color depth. The different color setting from device to device can affect the way your proof image appears. Below you will find the file printed from the 3 different proof options above.

Your Clear Business Card After Printing

The final printed file

clear plastic business card after printing

The last thing to consider when looking at your proof is the affect a white backer can have on your file. The purpose of the white backer is to make the colors stand out more in the design. However, on lighter colors like the gray stripe in the example before and after you can see how the gray changes tones slightly. Adding the white backer also makes your colored areas a little less transparent so you will see through the design a little less. These are not big not differences but it is certainly something to consider when printing on clear plastic when deciding on your printing or design goals.

Printed Clear Design Without White Backer

clear plastic printed design no white backer

Versus With White Backer

clear plastic business card after printing

By knowing the subtle differences that can arise between the proof and the final printed clear plastic business card the customer can have a more predictable outcome in the ordering process. There will be less stress during the design phase and customers will have clearer expectations. This not only makes purchasing clear plastic business cards easier for the client, but it can also it lead to higher customer satisfaction.

How to Make a Clear Plastic Business Card Online

Have you seen a clear plastic business card somewhere and wanted to know how you could get a set for yourself? Most people that see a transparent plastic business card after their initial awe, imagine how difficult and expensive it must be to get a set.

Contrary to this belief, modern printing technology combined with the advancements in online software actually make it pretty easy. You do not need a graphic designer, costly ink and printers, designing and printing your own clear business cards can all be done online in just a few minutes.

Step 1. Choose an Online Printing Company

For this article we are going to use Although you might be able to find another website that offers high quality plastic business cards, it is unlikely that their plastic business card templates and online design tools are as good.

Step 2. Get Your Design

There are several ways to get your clear plastic business card design.

2A– You can buy a Photoshop design already created for clear plastic at many of the popular design sites for about $5. The leading template provider is Graphic River, although there are dozens of other places you can find by simply doing a Google search for clear business card templates.

2B– You can have a designer actually build a design from scratch based on your preferences and input for the same price at Fiverr. The designer will actually go back and forth with you in the revision process until the design meets your expectations.

2C– You can hire a private graphic designer. This will be the most expensive option, probably $100-$300, but you will get a highly customized and professional clear template.

2D– The cheapest and best option is to just choose one of the pre-designed templates at All elements in the design are editable, and there are more than 1000 templates to choose from. There is no cost to edit the pre-designed templates.

Step 3. Start the Order Process

3A– Whether you choose to buy your template made already or hire a graphic designer, when you get to 1800businesscards you are simply going to choose the option to upload your own design and checkout. Most of the white areas (excluding text) in your design will become clear so you do not have to have any special design elements in your template. There is also an option to add order instructions to tell the printing department exactly how you want your design to come out, they can customize the design in almost any way you want.

plastic business card design and print options

3B– If you choose a pre-designed template to customize yourself you are simply going to click browse designs and then click customize on the design you want. Once in the studio you will have a wide variety of editing tools to add text and images, move things around, and change colors, backgrounds, and many other options. Once you are done adding your contact information and getting your design ready, you simply save your design and checkout. Any white areas (except text) will be rendered clear when printed and remember you can add order instructions if you want something to print in a certain way.

Choose the template design you want to customize after selecting the browse design option:

customize your plastic business card

This is how your design will look in the online design studio or your own template file before printing:

online tool to design clear cards

Here is how it will print:

printed plastic business card

Thanks to modern technology anybody can have a clear plastic business card. The process only takes a few minutes and any business owner or entrepreneur can do it. Now you can make a bold statement by handing out an elite business card to your next potential client.