12 Elite Transparent Business Cards

Your business card says a lot about your company. First impressions are everything in today’s fast paced world of nanosecond interactions. More and more people today are trying to set themselves apart from the competition by having a unique theme or brand, and because of this having a standout business card is more important than ever. If you get just one customer because a potential client was impressed with your plastic business card it is worth it.

Marketing is a major part of the success for companies. Whether you are a real estate broker, a product or services representative, or an entrepreneur trying to introduce a cutting edge application, you can bet that you will be meeting and selling people on a daily basis if you want to be successful. During those interactions the one constant will be the need to exchange contact information. Making an impression or trying to create a “Brand” starts with your business card. Considering how important this idea is we have compiled a list of 12 elite transparent plastic business cards so you can get inspired and see why your competition is winning at marketing their business.

Iphone Translucent Plastic Business Card

1. With the popularity of the iphone this business card is surely going to resonate with almost anybody on the planet. Plus it looks really cool!

Cartoon Clear Business Card

2. A lot of people today are using cartoon characters in their marketing campaigns, it is really attractive to the new generation of millennials. Incorporate the idea into your business card and make it the topic of conversations even when you are not in the room.

Author Transparent Business Cards

3. Author’s need business cards too. Why not turn your business card into a brand like this author did. The product literally makes the business card, and the transparent bookmark is another great example of branding based on the business card.

Photographer Plastic Business Cards

4. Turning your business card into a transparent film strip can be a great idea for photographers. It emphasizes the service being offered and at the same time screams high quality service.

View Finder Clear Business Cards

5. Looking to attract the modern customer? This view finder translucent card highlighting an application is inspiring. Incorporate online website or application interfaces and create your brand!

Science Translucent Business Card

6. In the science or medical fields? This business card shows how adding the right image can say everything about your product, service, or mission, and look really cool while doing it.

Construction Plastic Business Cards

7. No matter what part of the construction industry you work in, having a business card like this is a must. Plastic business cards make you think of things like durability and high quality, ideas you want associated with your product or service. The industry is also very competitive so you want to make sure your business card makes a great impression.

Restaurant Clear Business Cards

8. Who said food was boring. In today’s world of elite foods and chefs it only makes sense to promote your service or restaurant in style with an awesome translucent business card. It is a great way to promote an item on the menu or your brand.

DJ Plastic Business Cards

9. The music industry is an exciting field so it goes without saying that your business card should be exciting. The bright paint colors and music elements make this clear business card a showstopper and help inspire all types of ides for your next card.

Nightclub Translucent Business Cards

10. Promoting a nightclub or DJ services? Just a small touch of clear areas in your design turn a regular design into a powerful statement.

Auto Plastic Business Cards

11. Sometimes a little bit of frosting goes a long way. These frosted plastic business cards make the automobiles look even cooler than they already are, and the card also makes you want to buy your car there.

Mustache Translucent Business Cards

12. Plastic business cards allow you to incorporate all kinds of ideas about your product or service that cannot be achieved with regular paper. This entertainer business card not only highlights all of the services offered, but it does it in such a unique way that you are guaranteed to win over clients with it. It also inspires so many design possibilities for you to create your marketing strategy.

Jason Smith