10 Inspiring Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting a product or service. They are elegant and sophisticated, and at the same time guaranteed to be better than all of the business cards exchanged by your competitors. More importantly, they leave a positive and long lasting impression on the recipient of the card. Although this type of business card can be a great weapon in your promotional arsenal, having the right design can make a big difference in how well your card is received.

Deciding on a design can be a challenge, especially if you are considering printing transparent plastic business cards. The following printed designs from 1800BusinessCards.com highlight interesting concepts and ideas that offer inspiration that can be incorporated into your next business card design.

1. The one thing about working with transparent business cards is that you can be extremely creative based on the industry or product you are trying to promote. This business card uses the transparent area to represent the glass in a window. It is a great concept that could be applied to so many different products.

clear plastic business card for window company

Window Manufacturer Business Card

2. Another thing about creating a clear plastic business card design is that sometimes all that is required to have an extremely high quality business card is a logo and web address. This tech startup makes a bold statement with a minimalistic design approach.

clear plastic business card for tech company

Tech Startup Business Card

3. Sometimes the card itself can be the product. Whether you are a cinematographer and the camera is your tool, or you want to create a device like a smartphone, clear cards offer you the opportunity to make your design the actual tool or product you are promoting. This cinematographer business card gives the appearance of a video camera lens and at the same time gives an eye catching effect. This concept can be utilized in almost any industry.

clear plastic business card for photographer

Cinematographer Business Card

4. Although flyboarding is really cool, this business card is even cooler. Adding the varnish gives the clear background a frosted effect which makes the card even more unique. This design incorporates great colors and neutral design elements that can work for any company. Also, the colors can be changed to incorporate any logo or company color scheme.

clear plastic business card for flyboard company

Flyboard Company Business Card

5. Selling points are critical to creating a powerful design that is conducive to generating business. This design demonstrates how selling points and calls to action can help make a design if they are placed creatively. Also, adding icons and bright colors can help make boring contact details look attractive.

clear plastic business card for Herbalife representative

Herbalife Business Card

6. Clear plastic and gold foil are a match made in heaven. Gold foil can make even the most basic font look extraordinary. Social icons and QR codes are not only great design additions, but they can help improve your social media presence and website traffic. This type of high quality business card is guaranteed to impress any potential client and it incorporates a lot of design ideas.

clear plastic business card for locksmith

Locksmith Gold Foil Business Card

7. An image of a public figure makes it easy to capture the attention of almost anyone. Combining that with a powerful quote or statement is all it takes to make an impressive business card that is sure to stir up dinner conversation.

clear plastic business card for media company

Media Company Business Card

8. Clear cards offer unique advantages when it comes to text. In this example, a simple word placed in reverse and upside down makes this business card intriguing. Sometimes the simplest idea can make for a powerful design.

clear plastic business card for private foundation

Private Foundation Business Card

9. Using a variety of colors can make a great design, but when it is accented against a clear background it becomes even better. Although this is a real estate business card it can be applied to any industry. Change the colors and logo and the design will look like it was built for your company.

clear plastic business card for Remax representative

Remax Business Card

10. Text can make a powerful statement in any design if it is incorporated in unique ways. This business card uses the clear part with white text to make a showstopping background. Add the logo, some color and contact information and as you can see it is an extremely sophisticated business card.

clear plastic business card for realtor

Real Estate Business Card

If you want more inspiration check out these plastic business card designs.

Jason Smith