12 Elite Transparent Business Cards

Your business card says a lot about your company. First impressions are everything in today’s fast paced world of nanosecond interactions. More and more people today are trying to set themselves apart from the competition by having a unique theme or brand, and because of this having a standout business card is more important than ever. If you get just one customer because a potential client was impressed with your plastic business card it is worth it.

Marketing is a major part of the success for companies. Whether you are a real estate broker, a product or services representative, or an entrepreneur trying to introduce a cutting edge application, you can bet that you will be meeting and selling people on a daily basis if you want to be successful. During those interactions the one constant will be the need to exchange contact information. Making an impression or trying to create a “Brand” starts with your business card. Considering how important this idea is we have compiled a list of 12 elite transparent plastic business cards so you can get inspired and see why your competition is winning at marketing their business.

1. With the popularity of the iphone this business card is surely going to resonate with almost anybody on the planet. Plus it looks really cool!
Iphone Translucent Plastic Business Card

2. A lot of people today are using cartoon characters in their marketing campaigns, it is really attractive to the new generation of millennials. Incorporate the idea into your business card and make it the topic of conversations even when you are not in the room.
Cartoon Clear Business Card

3. Author’s need business cards too. Why not turn your business card into a brand like this author did. The product literally makes the business card, and the transparent bookmark is another great example of branding based on the business card.
Author Transparent Business Cards

4. Turning your business card into a transparent film strip can be a great idea for photographers. It emphasizes the service being offered and at the same time screams high quality service.
Photographer Plastic Business Cards

5. Looking to attract the modern customer? This view finder translucent card highlighting an application is inspiring. Incorporate online website or application interfaces and create your brand!
View Finder Clear Business Cards

6. In the science or medical fields? This business card shows how adding the right image can say everything about your product, service, or mission, and look really cool while doing it.
Science Translucent Business Card

7. No matter what part of the construction industry you work in, having a business card like this is a must. Plastic business cards make you think of things like durability and high quality, ideas you want associated with your product or service. The industry is also very competitive so you want to make sure your business card makes a great impression.
Construction Plastic Business Cards

8. Who said food was boring. In today’s world of elite foods and chefs it only makes sense to promote your service or restaurant in style with an awesome translucent business card. It is a great way to promote an item on the menu or your brand.
Restaurant Clear Business Cards

9. The music industry is an exciting field so it goes without saying that your business card should be exciting. The bright paint colors and music elements make this clear business card a showstopper and help inspire all types of ides for your next card.
DJ Plastic Business Cards

10. Promoting a nightclub or DJ services? Just a small touch of clear areas in your design turn a regular design into a powerful statement.
Nightclub Translucent Business Cards

11. Sometimes a little bit of frosting goes a long way. These frosted plastic business cards make the automobiles look even cooler than they already are, and the card also makes you want to buy your car there.
Auto Plastic Business Cards

12. Plastic business cards allow you to incorporate all kinds of ideas about your product or service that cannot be achieved with regular paper. This entertainer business card not only highlights all of the services offered, but it does it in such a unique way that you are guaranteed to win over clients with it. It also inspires so many design possibilities for you to create your marketing strategy.
Mustache Translucent Business Cards

Five Easy to Create Construction Plastic Business Cards

A business card says a lot about a company and most construction company owners or contractors are too busy in the field to take the time to create a business card with any quality or sophistication. The sad thing is that most successful construction companies and contractors build their business on referrals and one of the most common ways to facilitate those referrals is with your business card.

We have put together a list of 5 clear plastic business cards that look great and are super easy to create. All you have to do is add your contact details and maybe a logo if you have one. All of the editing can be done online and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Plastic business cards are especially good for the construction industry. They are durable and water resistant so even on the most active job sites they will be reliable. You can also clean them up if for some reason they get dust or dirt on them. You will always be prepared when clients or potential customers come by to see your work.

The most important asset to having a plastic business card is the effectiveness they offer when marketing your company and brand. Any of the designs below suggest ideas like reliability, durability, sophistication, and a company that cares about their work down to the smallest detail. These types of cards are also story starters so you may even find that people are talking positively about your company simply because of the business card you handed out. Get started creating your very own custom plastic business card today!

Handy Wrench Plastic Business Card
Handy Wrench Plastic Business Card

Ruler Measurement Plastic Business Card
Ruler Measurement Plastic Business Card

Tool Set Plastic Business Card
Tool Set Plastic Business Card

Home Builders Plastic Business Card
Home Builders Plastic Business Card

Caution Tape Plastic Business Card
Caution Tape Plastic Business Card

Top 10 Real Estate Plastic Business Cards

There is no industry more competitive than the real estate industry. There are very few ways to differentiate your services from the next sales agent or broker. The one communication or networking tool that all realtors share in common is a business card. It is a necessary tool of the trade and everybody has to have one. So why not make yours memorable.

In fact, creating impressive business cards is a growing trend. A small and growing group of realtors understand that a great business card can help separate their services from the competition. The better the quality of the card the more likely a potential customer will hold on to them (see some of our work!) and have the ability to refer you to a friend or an associate. A positive statement can be made about you the moment your business card is presented.

The surge in demand for a higher quality card has contributed to a growing product line of materials used for business cards. Although a well designed silk business card or suede business card can be a standout paper option, no material is considered more elite and memorable than plastic. It not only allows for unique and extraordinary designs, it is waterproof, durable, and long lasting. More importantly, it is easy to create online and available at an affordable price. Below you will find just some of the real estate plastic business cards available at 1800businesscards, and we feel they should be on the list for the Top 10 real estate plastic business cards.

1 Berkshire Hathaway Plastic Business Card

Berkshire Hathaway Plastic Business Card

2 Better Homes & Gardens Plastic Business Card

Better Homes & Gardens Plastic Business Card

3 Century 21 Plastic Business Card

Century 21 Plastic Business Card

4 Coldwell Banker Plastic Business Card

Coldwell Banker Plastic Business Card

5 ERA Real Estate Plastic Business Card

ERA Plastic Business Card

6 Exit Realty Plastic Business Card

Exit Realty Plastic Business Card

7 Keller Williams Plastic Business Card

Keller Williams Plastic Business Card

8 Prudential Real Estate Plastic Business Card

Prudential Plastic Business Card

9 ReMax Real Estate Plastic Business Card

ReMax Plastic Business Card

10 Weichert Realtors Plastic Business Card

Weichert Realtors Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Coldwell Banker

Our Coldwell Banker business card is the plastic business card of the week. Let’s face it, the real estate business is very competitive. Your business card is one of the very few ways to differentiate your services from the competition. The highest quality business card is without a doubt clear plastic and the choice for elite realtors. It tells your client or potential client that you take your business very seriously and it says the services you provide are the highest quality available. More importantly, it is memorable and less likely to get tossed. In fact, it may spur conversations with other potential clients and act as a continuing marketing tool for your business. Very few business cards can offer this type of potential.

Another great feature with this card is that it is easily created online at 1800businesscards. There is no need for graphic designers or any kind of design background. You can customize this exact plastic business card design and tailor it to your office with your contact details in one or two minutes. If you are looking to make a statement to your clients create your very own set of Coldwell Banker plastic business cards today.

Coldwell Banker Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Bond-Real-Estate

Our plastic business card of the week is the “Bond” real estate card. This design is great for demonstrating the extension of one product into another product. This design can represent a door manufacturing company or it can be extended into the real estate industry. Clients that receive this card can easily associate a door with being an integral part of a home, and why a realtor would be handing this business card out.

The extension or association can be applied to so many different design ideas and which is why this is the business card of the week. Almost any product can be associated with multiple product images and it can really make a powerful statement on the client. Plastic business cards not only demonstrate high quality and a commitment to a client, but they can also show creativity and leave a lasting impression. The next time you are creating a business card think about how combining clear plastic and a product image can represent your company, brand, or message in a thoughtful and creative way.

Bond Real Estate Plastic Business Card

Plastic Business Cards: The Choice for Realtors

Keller Williams Plastic Business CardPlastic business cards have been exploding in popularity in the real estate industry. As the booming real estate market makes obtaining clients insanely competitive, more and more agents are looking for a way to separate themselves from their competition. A sophisticated and extremely high quality business card is one of the tools they are using to establish this separation.

Every real estate broker or agent relies on business cards as the main networking tool of their trade. It is not uncommon for someone in the industry to hand out a hundred or more business cards in a week. In the past, the biggest concern for realtors was whether or not their business card will be available and accessible when the client needed it. Paper business cards had a way of getting lost in a handful of business cards that everybody has stored in a draw or they were easily damaged over time and discarded or rendered unreadable. Plastic business cards solve that problem by being extremely durable and long lasting, and easily recognized in a bunch of cards because of the way they stand out from paper. It is not only the durability though that has realtors moving to plastic.

Plastic business cards are extremely high quality and immediately say a lot about a broker. Someone that takes such extreme care with their business card is likely just as dedicated to their work. It also connotes the idea of success as any flashy items do when compared to inferior versions of that same product. Hard working and successful, the two key components any salesperson would love to embody, an impression that a great business card helps establish. As the saying goes, “first impressions mean everything”, a great business card can be the difference in locking in a client or losing that client to a competitor. For these reasons and many others, plastic business cards are becoming the choice business card for anybody working in the real estate industry.

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Butterfly

Our plastic business card of the week is the “Butterfly” business card. This business card design is a great example of how you can turn any logo or brand image into a great business card. The Monarch Butterfly is beautiful in its own right but when introduced into a clear plastic design it becomes a stunning work of art, and helps create a business card that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

As we have noted time and time again in our design inspiration posts is that even the simplest images can be brought to life on clear plastic, something that cannot be done printing on regular paper. Our online design center allows you to add any logo or image in just a couple of clicks and our free design templates are easily editable so you can have a fantastic business card in just one or two minutes without the need for graphic designers or any graphic design experience. Create your own plastic business card today!

Butterfly Plastic Business Card

10 Absolutely Stunning Clear Plastic Business Cards

For decades people believed that business cards were just a way to provide contact information and nothing more. Most were printed on standard white paper and it simply had some text and perhaps a logo for more established companies. However, over the last decade the idea of the business card has changed.

The main reason for this change is a thought process that can be referred to as the modern aesthetic. It is kind of a cool or unique, but more importantly, new or different perspective on all things. Ideas, clothing, with almost anything today, the smallest details can be extremely interesting simply by being new or different.

This way of thinking is especially important in the business world. When presenting a company, brand, or message, the smallest details matter and the concept, or representation of that concept should be new. So even things that were once mundane or very dull such as business cards are now critically important. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or top producer in your company you are encouraged and expected to think “outside the box”. This way of thinking or modern aesthetic has single handedly revolutionized the look & feel of business cards.

Obviously it can be argued that there are other contributors to the change in business cards such as technology and modern printing capabilities, or the incessant need to always be marketing in unique and different ways. However, it can also be argued that the modern aesthetic fueled these advancements. No matter what view one subscribes to, it is evident that need for a business card that makes a profound statement is an absolute necessity.

As in all eras, there are still many people trying to catch up to what’s new or in fashion so to speak. Luxury business cards have become more and more popular by the minute and at the top of that list is clear plastic business cards. These business cards provide a new and refreshing look for a company, but they also make a profound statement. For this reason we have compiled a list of stunning plastic business cards printed at 1800businesscards to give our clients a look at what is hot right now. They are easy to create online and we hope these inspire you to make your next business card.

Iphone Transparent Business Card

Iphone Plastic Business Card

Glass Window Clear Business Card

ReMax Plastic Business Card

Drone Plastic Business Card

Drone Plastic Business Card

Cartoon Character Clear Business Card

Cartoon Clear Plastic Business Card

DJ Transparent Plastic Business Card

DJ Plastic Business Card

Real Estate Transparent Business Card

Real Estate Transparent Business Cards

Invisible Business Card

Feeling Invisible Plastic Business Card

Window Pane Clear Business Card

Window Pane Clear Business Card

Financial Advisor Clear Business Card

Financial Advisor Clear Business Card

Wood Grain Clear Plastic Business Card

Wood Grain Plastic Business Card

We hope you enjoyed our stunning business cards. If you like any of these plastic business cards they can easily be created online in just a few minutes.

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Iphone Business Card

Our plastic business card of the week is the iphone business card. This design is one of the most desired prints in the plastic business card industry. The idea of incorporating a smart device into a business card can only be pulled off by printing on plastic. The clear glass screen and overall graphics make the design look real and there is no doubt that this card would be a crowd pleaser in any meeting or marketing campaign.

An important note about this design is that it inspires so many other types of business card designs. Any type of mechanical device or product that has glass can be brought to life by creating a plastic business card design that includes a few graphics and a clear area for the glass. Whether it is a camera, smartphone, or even a calculator, the sky is the limit when it comes to using plastic for your next print project. If you really want to impress clients or make a strong statement with your branding message just go online and start creating your plastic business card design.

Iphone Transparent Business Card

Plastic Business Card of the Week-Evolution

Our plastic business card of the week is a music themed DJ business card. This awesome business card demonstrates the cutout effect offered with clear plastic. With the vivid nightclub imagery as a background the company name looks like it is cut out of the card, it is an amazing effect that makes the company name more memorable. The equalizer lines with the cutout effect help bring the music beats to life and further emphasize the company’s services.

This is another amazing design that shows how easy it is to get a really sophisticated business card; all you need is a good image and some text and the quality plastic business card printing services offered at 1800Businesscards. You can find great images like the one in this design in our stock library, add your text, and in a couple of minutes you will be making a powerful statement for your company or brand.

DJ Plastic Business Card